A better understanding of medical weight loss

Weight loss has become an issue of concern, especially in the current world. This is because people take in too much junk food and do not exercise regularly. This has caused many people to develop obesity, resulting in an excessive weight that the body and overall health can’t cope with. Many people are trying to get rid of the excess weight but to no success. That is why a Vienna, VA, weight loss specialist, has decided to help you achieve your desired weight.

The discussion below will help you better understand weight loss and the risks associated with excessive weight.

Health complications that arise from being overweight

Several conditions may put your health at risk, especially when you are overweight. The most common ones being:

  •   Cancer. Research has shown that obesity increases the chances of cancer.
  •   Arthritis. Many people with the condition are those that have excess weight compared to what the body can carry.
  •   Depression. Research also indicates that obesity is closely related to signs and symptoms of depression.
  •   Cardiovascular diseases. Many people with heart-related problems have excessive weight, making it difficult for the heart to function correctly.
  •   Fatty liver disease. Obesity is caused by fats that store themselves in various parts of the body, such as the liver. The fats will later cause problems to the regions where they have been deposited, including the liver.

Other conditions include inflammation and stressing of the body organs, bones, and muscles.

Medical Weight Loss Treatment Procedures

If you have weight loss issues, you should visit a doctor regularly to help identify the best weight therapy for you. Some of the treatments include the following:

1. Nutrition Training

During this session with your doctor, you are advised on the most suitable food to eat and the ones you should avoid. Generally, the doctor emphasizes that you eat energizing and fueling food for your body. This is achieved by the doctor helping you make individualized meal plans and meal replacement products.

2. Exercising

Research has shown that this is the most suitable method in dealing with weight loss. Exercise helps your body burn down all the excessive fats deposited in the body.

3. Medication

When your body is not responding to exercises, your doctor may recommend some medications that will help you shed the excess weight. These medications are in pill form. Examples of these medications are:

  •   Contrive®. This medication works in your brain to help control your craving for food, and in return, it will help you lose weight. The medicine helps reduce hunger.
  •   Phentermine®. It also works in the same way as Contrive. It lowers your appetite, decreases your hunger, and makes you feel full even when you have not eaten anything.

  •   Qsymia®. It is a medication taken only once a day. The main aim is to control your craving for food as well as reducing appetite.
  •   Belviq®. The medication works in the brain to help you feel full for a long time, even when you have not eaten anything. The medicine may be taken twice a day.

Having problems with weight loss?

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