7 ways to maintain your patio furniture at home

Patio furniture takes up quite a bit of space in your house. With patio furniture covers you can keep it so it does not take up even more room than necessary.

Keep your patio furniture good as new with these tips.

1) Use patio furniture covers during the winter so that one storm doesn’t count as three storms for you. Sitting out on the patio after a storm is always very relaxing especially if you have an older patio set that looks like it’s seen better days which is why protecting it with patio furniture covers is vital to keeping this calm atmosphere present all year long or at least until you decide to replace the patio set. Simply put patio furniture covers on top of your patio set and keep it covered until you are ready to use the patio again.

2) Keep patio furniture away from any windows or doors on your house especially on a patio that is directly connected to your kitchen. Your patio furniture may get dirty more quickly than usual if it gets exposed to strong winds coming in from outside, rain dripping down from windows or doors, and also dirt carried into the house by pets that love going outdoors with their owners. With patio furniture covers keeping this patio set out of sight will help you save some cleaning time while still maintaining a beautiful outdoor living space.

3) Use patio furniture covers to keep debris from falling onto your patio set so stays looking new for longer.

Leaves falling onto patio furniture can create a havoc that is difficult to deal with especially when all patio furniture covers will do is blow off and leave you cleaning up the patio set instead. Keeping this patio furniture safe and secure from falling debris such as leaves, twigs, small rocks and anything else that might fall out of the sky will help you easily maintain your patio set for years to come so it still looks great when all the other patio sets in your neighborhood are already in need of replacement.

4) For older patio sets use patio furniture covers during periods where there’s no chance of having an outdoor party or event on your patio because this would be when these patio sets experience the most wear and tear when not covered by patio furniture covers. If you like to use your patio furniture when there are no patio covers, do not replace patio furniture covers until the patio set gets damaged.

By doing this you can save some money and ensure that these patio furniture covers provide enough protection for at least a few years.

5) Use patio furniture covers to keep small children away from patio sets that might be dangerous to them if they get near them like very sharp edges on table tops or patio chairs with pointy edges. Keep your patio safe for everyone by using patio furniture covers unless of course it’s an outdoor space where people will probably walk barefoot most of the time which would mean that you never put patio furniture covers on your patio pieces.

6) If you have little ones in the house who forget to close patio doors then patio furniture covers would be your best friend. Keeping patio furniture covers around patio sets that can easily be exposed to strong winds coming from outside whenever patio doors do not get closed completely right away will keep it looking new for years and will prevent you from drowning in patio cleaning tasks at home.

7) If you have pets who love going outdoors with you brings patio furniture covers along so they can always sit on them knowing that they are safe and clean. Pets do not care about all the dirt, mud and other things they track into the house which keeps expanding the list of items that need patio furniture cleaning duties done at home as well as keeping your pet’s favorite spot comfortable and clean for a longer period of time until their fur starts to build up an odor that will then need patio furniture covers to be removed right away.


Keep patio furniture pieces away from too much heat, cold and moisture when patio furniture covers are not being used. If you have patio sets under patio furniture covers, patio furniture covers are also essential for patio furniture protection while you’re not using them.

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