It may surprise you, but out of every 100 apps developed, only one will prevail. If you want to build a mobile app for your enterprise, that means the odds are stacked against you. But that should not worry you. Only ill-executed apps are set to fail from the very first start. That is why you need to understand why mobile apps fail in the first place so that you avoid being among the 99.9% that fail.

According to experts from the NYC app developers, mobile app development is not only about having the tech knowledge to build software but also a solid go-to development plan and a marketing strategy. Let’s look at some reasons why apps fail.

Poor or lack of market research

How do you deliver a quality app if you don’t know about the end-user of the mobile app? Bear in mind that if your app doesn’t resolve a problem or address a need in the market, it will get zero downloads. Even if it gets to a user’s phone, it will not be used. Poor market research can lead to the failure of your app. Extensive market research is imperative to define your target audience, know their core problems, interests and create an app tailored to their needs. Due diligence into your rivals is also paramount to inform your strategy.

Failure of app marketing activities

You may work with the best new york app developers, but your app is more likely to flop if you don’t plan the execution stages well. How do you intend to notify your target audience of your new app? Proper marketing includes using strategies such as in-app install campaigns, ranking factors like SEO, paid ads, PR push, prelaunch plans, and so forth. It is best to have marketing strategies in place beforehand, or you will be caught trying to push an app with no or low buzz.

Unclear goals

Another reason why apps flop is a lack of clearly defined goals. Your mobile app is set to fail right from the start if you don’t establish clearly defined goals. These are important because they help you work out a great strategy to get there. Some of the questions to ask yourself:

  • What problem will the app solve?
  • What features should you integrate?
  • What benefit does the app provide for the user?
  • What is the app’s selling point?

Poor design

A mobile app design combines graphical elements such as typography, writing and font, and visuals such as colors and animations to create a unified user experience. When an app’s design is excellent, a user will never even think about it as long as they find it easy to accomplish what they want on the app. The harsh reality of a poor design is that users will ditch the app in the first few seconds. Take care of the user experience by implementing a great app design.

Poor technology

Not all app developers are equal. If your app developer is not up to date with the latest technologies, you will launch an app that will never get to active users. The bottom line is, poor technology will not produce one of the best apps. Work with an app developer who is up to date with the latest app development techniques.


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