Your guide to keratin lash lift

Voluminous and long lashes are a dream for almost everyone, but very few are born with them. Some people then go for false lashes for to add some lash drama, but it can be very tedious. The constant tugging action and overuse of glue can also pull at your lashes, compounding the problem.

Other people try to use lash extensions, but they are also rather tedious to manage.

Alongside the constant upkeep and the expense, eyelash extensions can also cause danger to your real lashes.

If you want to grow your natural lashes, you can ask your Skin Specialist in Lahore for a prescription serum like Latisse. However, it too has drawbacks including redness of the eyes, irritation, change in eye color for some people etc.

So, what’s the solution? One possible option to consider is keratin lash lift.

What is keratin lash lift?

Keratin is the hair protein that helps in making the hair healthier. In keratin lash lift, a special formula is applied to the lashes that helps in lifting the lashes, so they gain body.

The formula covers the lash from the root to the tip and thus makes them prominent. Keratin lift also adds a curl to the lashes –the very purpose for which we turn to an eyelash curler –so that eyes appear bigger.

The curl also gives the illusion of the lashes being longer than they are.

Keratin lash lift therefore gives an impression of thicker and fuller lashes that look dramatic yet natural.

This technique does not make use of any extensions or similar paraphernalia. It uses your natural lashes, and coats them with a relatively nourishing formula that then also protects the lashes as well.

What is the keratin lash lift procedure?

The procedure itself is rather like getting lash perm, but it is less harmful to the lashes than the perm is.

When deciding on getting a lash lift, you must also research well to find the perfect place that fits your budget, performs the process with diligence and has professionally trained technicians.

Before getting the procedure: Prior to the lash lift, you need a consultation with your technician. Since this procedure relies on utilizing your natural lashes, therefore, they need to be evaluated.

Moreover, you should also discuss with your technician the rod size that you want. Rod sits on the lashes and helps in determining the intensity of the curl to your lashes. The smaller the rod is, the more intense the curl is.

You need to tell your technician what you want; dark and dramatic lashes or more subtle ones. Once you both have decided on the look, the procedure can start.

During the process: An average appointment can last for around 40 minutes or so. There will first go a patch under the eye, followed by application of Keratin formulas using a particular rod size. There might be some other formulas applied as well, depending on your technician.

Then, if you have opted for it, the technician will apply the tint. Once all these necessities are out of the way, they will remove all the product, and your treatment is done.

After the process: For 48 hours after the process, you should make sure your lashes don’t get wet. Try to economize the use of the eyecare products.

Care of your keratin lash lift

You will need to take care of your lashes to extend their life. Since there is already perm added to your lashes, you should not use lash curler. Also, try to use the lash serum to ensure that your lashes remain healthy.

Furthermore, use of oil-based products can cause the Keratin formula to breakdown, which then decreases the life of the lift. The lift can last for around 2 months as well.

If in the aftermath of the procedure, your lashes start to fall, consult your Dermatologist in Karachi.

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