Why is Safety Important Within the Workplace?

Health and safety are crucial in workplaces and there are several laws in place to help protect workers from unsafe working environments

Hazards can vary from workplace to workplace, and even the role you do can impact the level of exposure you could have to different risks. You could be an IT technician handling faulty electrical devices, or a factory worker dealing with industrial machinery. Either way, it’s important for companies to follow health and safety criteria and consider employees’ wellbeing. 

A safe working environment is essential

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Labour Force Survey reported that 565,000 working people sustained an injury at work. Employee safety is paramount – and it’s a legal expectation. Laws include the Health and Safety at Work Act (SWA) 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. Casualties at work can vary in severity and can sometimes be fatal, which is why it’s so important to have measures in place. 

Hazards can be identified

Key hazards need to be identified and addressed to help reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring. This could be anything from faulty wires to a puddle of water on the floor. It is the responsibility of the employer to address hazards as soon as possible, otherwise the risk will only increase, and the workplace could experience issues further down the line if someone gets injured, such as an employer no longer being able to work. Employers could also face personal injury claims in some circumstances.

Dangerous workplaces can be monitored

Factory work can be especially dangerous for employees. Injuries are much more likely due to dangerous machinery and substances. This is why PPE gear is provided for employees to remain safe when handling machinery and other factory processes. 

This means that everything can be maintained and can function properly without people being put at risk. Other health and safety measures can help with this. For example, if moving heavy objects, lifting slings like these from RS help support the manoeuvring of these objects and reduce the chance of things failing.

Workers need to be taken care of 

In severe cases, workers can be seriously injured or even be involved in a fatal accident if the correct health and safety procedures haven’t been followed. Health and safety in the workplace doesn’t just revolve around hazards and PPE, it also includes looking after employees’ wellbeing through other means. This might involve avoiding long hours, remaining diligent when it comes to bullying or harassment, giving employees sufficient breaks and providing sufficient training. 

Otherwise, companies could be facing employees taking time off to recover from accidents. You could get into legal trouble and experience higher staff turnover, which neither party will benefit from. 

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