Which Teak Wood Bed Is Suitable For Whom?

Teak is a hardwood that is considered a premium wood variety for various indoor and outdoor furniture. It looks great and is naturally resistant to all kinds of decays and insects. The colour of teakwood ranges from gold to medium brown and is textured with straight grains that have tiny knots. Hence teak is the best to make a wood bed and is of various types, namely Burma teak wood, Asian teak wood, South American teak wood, Indonesian teak wood, African teak wood, plantation teak wood, Thailand teak wood, Philippines teak wood, Malaysian teak wood, Indian teak wood, Brazilian teak wood and many more.

Single Teak Wood Beds

A single teak wood bed can be made with four side panels and two seatbacks attached to the back of the bed. The legs are the ones that support the structure, and single teak cots are considered 100% robust because of their construction. The long-lasting nature of teak wood makes the best Wakefit wooden bed frame to withstand any amount of pressure, especially at the tenon and mortise joints. A single teak wood bed will be comparatively less cost as less wood is used to make them.

A single teak wood cot will measure 92 to 188 centimetres and is ideal for younger children, including babies and kids, as it is the smallest of all cot sizes and is considered the most premium kind of bed. They have better support and stability as the four legs will balance a smaller area of the wooden bed. The teak wood is also sturdy, and when the legs of the single bed are made with the same, it has more strength. However, the main advantage is that it will only occupy a corner or minimum area. They prove to be compact and can be easily moved around and rearranged quickly to change the room’s outlook.

Queen Size Teak Wood Beds

Queen size wood beds are oversized than the single beds and measure between 153 to 204 centimetres. Teak wood is extensively used to make a queen-sized bed as they are an appropriate size to fit many bedrooms. It is a twin sharing cot with sufficient space of 77 centimetres for both individuals separately. Hence, it offers uninterrupted sleep for the people sharing the bed, and it is only slightly smaller than a king-size wooden cot. Even active sleepers get adequate sleep without the stress of falling off the corner of the bed. A  queen sized wood cot with a proper storage facility can accommodate a significant number of items to be stored. This space is ideal for placing shoeboxes, and one can stack plastic containers, folded blankets, and so on below the frames. Keeping things under the bed leads to an organised room with less clutter. Most importantly, a queen size bed tends to take up less space in a room, unlike a king-sized wooden cot.

A queen size wood bed can be either extravagant or simple as per the individual’s choice. One can make headboard designs with intricate patterns showing enticing craftsmanship. Also, one can customise a teak wooden bed in various heights and other additional features as per the user’s choice. Queen size bed online is just the right thing for any bedroom as it is not too big or too small. It offers maximum comfort and is an excellent choice for partners who do not have kids or for two people sharing a bed. Being a little smaller than the king-size bed, a queen-size teak wood bed is the best for any guest room.

King Size Teak Wood Beds

A king size bed teak wood is considered a status symbol or showcases luxury and is the family bed as it can accommodate partners with kids and pets simultaneously. It offers a good night sleep with a personal space of 183 centimetres for each individual. The ample amount of space between people will also reduce heat development and provide maximum comfort to sleep and cuddle. Always extra room to place the legs and elbow will enhance sleep quality as the sleeper will fully stretch out their entire body. When using a king-size teak wood bed to sleep, one need not worry about the sleeping positions, twisting and turning. If your master bedroom can accommodate a king-sized bed, then it is the ideal size, but if space is a constrain then it is recommended to pick the best queen-sized bed.

A king-size teak wood bed is best for people suffering from health conditions like joint pains and arthritis as they will find it challenging to stay still and steady in a small space. A king-size wooden bed benefits such people as arthritis aggravates easily only when the joints are stationary for more extended periods. Hence this size teak wood bed is best for restless sleepers. Sufficient space will relieve pressure points while sleeping, and the size of a king-size teak wood bed will be comparatively expensive than other cots. But if you prioritise sleeping peacefully and waking up the following day without anybody aches, do not mind the slightly higher cost.

Advantages Of Teak Wood Beds

The benefits of investing in teak wood beds irrespective of the size are:

  • It has excellent durability and stays for a longer span without getting damaged.
  • Teak wood beds require very little maintenance and can be easily cleaned by just wiping them.
  • It is extreme, sturdy and robust when compared to all other wood kinds.
  • It is resistant to any climatic condition, light, heat, harmful agent and pest.
  • Teak wood looks beautiful and elegant on all furniture.
  • It is always worth the teak wood bed price. 

With the above data and information, it is easy to narrow down which size of teak wood is ideal for whom and why it is necessary to invest in teak for beds. Beds are generally an ancestral property that will be passed on to generations, and nothing can out beat the choice of teak. Know it’s worth and make your choice right away by purchasing a teak wood bed online.

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