Which online test series is best for the NEET?

NEET is an extremely competitive exam that might be too stressful if the candidate has never tried the exam in test circumstances. NEET mock exams are meant to imitate the actual exam day to control the examination’s correctness, speed, and time management. Solving problems beforehand is also a fantastic method to measure your preparation for the exam. Based on your prior results in the mock tests, you may assess how well you are faring.

But coaching institutions or testing series are meant to encourage NEET hopefuls to give tests after they have completely prepared. But you can never be entirely prepared for the exam till the final minute!

Students who are serious about getting into one of India’s top medical schools and doing well on the NEET exam can take advantage of NEET practise tests and mock exams. Experts in the industry recommend that students take at least one mock test a day to familiarise themselves with the exam’s norms and regulations. The student’s time management abilities can also be improved by taking mock examinations. As a result, if students are seeking for both free and paid NEET exam series, the following alternatives will be of great assistance. As a result, let’s get right down to business.

Doubtnut: There’s little doubt that Doubtnut’s Testing and Analyzing digital book will greatly increase the odds of identifying medical/engineering/IIT rivals. It stands out from other e-learning gadgets in terms of academic excellence. Updated online materials are offered to help hopefuls increase their chances of passing the medical entrance exam. Their exam series for NEET preparation is also great.

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Vedantu: According to toppers, mock tests are one of the most effective strategies to prepare for the NEET exam. Vedantu has also offered a free mock exam for NEET students that can be taken online. Biology, physics, and chemistry are among the NEET exam disciplines included in the mock test. The free online NEET mock test offered by Vedantu provides students with a realistic exam simulation.

In order to prepare the student for a computer-based test like this, the student should take a practise test in preparation. The exam results may also be provided in a couple of minutes and highlight the student’s preparation efforts.

Exambazzar: Exambazaar is the finest site for students who merely wish to attempt the previous year’s questions online. As a result, the platform has a total of 2620 questions from the past 15 years’ exam papers, which total 45 hours of total test time. If a learner solves one each day, it will take at least 15 days to finish. The fact that the NEET exam is conducted entirely online serves the aim of this mock examination, which will also be conducted via a computer website portal, as one of its key USPs. The results are also supplied quickly so that students may gauge their overall level of preparedness.

Allen: No one can disagree that Allen Career Institute in Kota, Rajasthan, has always been the best place to go for IIT training. And that expertise is now available to NEET applicants as well. In past years, the top NEET students have taken the same examination on the portal, which offers a series of online NEET practise exams. It’s important for students to realise that the questions on the platform are set to the same criteria as those on the actual NEET exam.

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Students can compare their results with those of their peers across India. As a result of this feature, pupils will be motivated to work more since they will be aware of their progress.

Do you know the answer of the below question:

Q: 500 ml of “0.3 M AgNO”_(3) are added to 600 ml of “0.5 M KI” solution. The ions which will move towards the cathode and anode respectively are:

  1. A) Agl/Ag+ and NO3
  2. B) Agl/land K+
  3. C) K+ and K+
  4. D) K+ and Agl/l

Akash: Ask every NEET applicant about Aakash Institute, and they’ll tell you. Aakash has been a household brand in the medical examination industry for many years now, thus this online test is ideal for students who are serious about their NEET aspirations. Aakash’s exam series for NEET toppers is nearly a need, and the test may be done online or offline.

However, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, students are only allowed to take the test online. Students who are enrolled in or have completed Level 3 health and social care online (or are completing a repeat year) are eligible to take the test.

TUC online: If you’re seeking for a thorough mock test series at a lesser price, then this choice could be right for you. The NEET syllabus includes 250+ subjects, and the platform has questions on all of them. There are also over 300 practise tests for the Class-12 board examinations that students may use to prepare. As a result, pupils will receive both NEET and board exam test series (if they haven’t yet completed their 12th grade). Students who participate in the programme receive an in-depth examination of their performance at both state and national levels after taking the test. Each student also receives individualised recommendations and feedbacks, as well.

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