What subjects are needed for hospitality management?

Hospitality management courses cover a wide range of skills and industry-relevant knowledge to nurture and train the students for a career in travel and tourism-related services. Hospitality and tourism are often a country’s pillars of the economy. Especially, Canada has a lot to offer regarding the quality of life tourist experiences upon arrival. The country’s incomparable natural resources offer picturesque views, and the dynamic multicultural atmosphere provides a homely feeling. Canada’s world-class hospitality and a unique blend of traditional and progressive culture can be felt across the country.

Besides its magnificent hospitality and tourism, Canada is also a leading study destination among international students.

It is the only country where hospitality and tourism together form 15% of the GDP, with an estimated value of nearly CAD 64 billion. Hence, Canada’s travel and tourism industry offer lucrative career opportunities for students to study hospitality and tourism management in Canada to carve fulfilling professional careers.

If you are looking for an institution and a course to help you gain industry-level knowledge and experience in hospitality and tourism. In that case, a diploma program can be an ideal choice. The diploma program in hospitality and tourism spans a one-year duration where students deal with theoretical and practical subjects to develop expertise in all facets of the booming industry. Moreover, the subjects taught under this program allow students to break through the fast-growing hospitality and tourism industry.

Some important subjects covered under this program are mentioned below:

  • Front Office Operations
  • Food and Beverage Operations
  • Hospitality Accounting
  • Organizational Behaviour in Hospitality Industry
  • Customer Service
  • Food Sanitation, safety, and Health
  • Public Relations

But do you know why these subjects are needed in hospitality management? Well, let’s find out.

Front Office Operations: Front office in hotel and hospitality management is important as the front desk is responsible for answering inquiries and directing queries.

Food and Beverage Operations: It is a career on a global scale. Thus students need to know about food and beverage operations to encourage appreciation of the origins of food and beverage to meet customer needs.

Hospitality Accounting: Accounting can be highly significant to the hospitality industry, giving more profound insights into the business’s financial status.

Organizational Behaviour in Hospitality Industry: Organizational Behaviour is central to the hospitality industry, and the subject focuses on it on three levels, namely interpersonal, individual, and collective. Students on each level can learn decision-making, motivation, personality, power, influence, negotiation, and finally, the skill to manage changes.

Customer Service: This subject offers a comprehensive understanding of customer service and how it can provide quality products and services that can lead to customer satisfaction.

Food Sanitation, Safety, and Health: This subject makes a significant contribution that is a supervisory aspect of food and hygiene safety. It emphasizes the importance of working in a safe and hygienic environment by aligning with the current legislation.


Hospitality management is a discipline of study which is enriching in itself that it can give you a taste of overall learning of tourism and hospitality management. Moreover, the hospitality and tourism industry is expected to have flourishing job marketing in the near future.

Hence, now is the best time to earn a degree in hospitality and tourism management.

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