What are the Voltage Score and Controllers of Your Solar Panel?

Beam or Rainfall we obtain a huge variety of calls about solar power every day. We’ll try to respond to the concerns asked usually, so we can conserve you a call.

Prior to we get going, you must know that solar energy is not the cure-all for replacing invested power. For example, some people are trying to reenergize batteries for a trolling motor, recreational vehicle, watercraft, electrical scooter, residence, backwoods cabin, and so on, as well as they desire it done in an extremely brief time, usually in simply a few days. Assume you take a released 100-amp hour solar battery and charge it with a 30-watt photovoltaic panel under perfect summer season light problems. After a complete week, the battery will be nearly totally charged. Utilizing this example, you can see that it will take at least 100 watts of solar energy to reenergize a 100-amp hour battery in a couple of days.

Additionally, remember that it takes straight sunlight on the surface of the panel to produce the maximum-rated power of a photovoltaic panel. Problems, such as a cloudy sky, improper placing angle, darkness, brief winter, or equatorial instructions days will minimize the real solar panel outcome to below the rated values.


Many solar chargers are designed for 12 VDC, yet we do have actually limited accessibility on a 24-volt panel. Commonly, when 24 volts or higher is needed, solar panels might be wired in sequences, or we can order solars that are created to provide more DC Volts, like 24V, 48V, etc.


Any time you utilize a panel that is over 5 watts ranked outcome, we suggest utilizing a solar cost controller. Actually, a fee controller is a great concept in a bulk of applications, as it can give a number of advantages, such as boosting charge quality, preventing overcharge, as well as avoiding battery discharge in no- or reduced-light conditions. Some photovoltaic panels are made with obstructing diodes pre-installed that prevent battery discharge through no- or reduced-light problems. In many cases where a 6-watt or larger photovoltaic panel is mounted, the use of a battery charger controller is extremely suggested. Basically, a solar cost controller acts like an on/off switch, permitting power to travel when the battery requires it, as well as sufficing off if the battery is totally charged. Some of the things to be knowledgeable about when selecting a controller are that they are typically rated in amps, while photovoltaic or PV panels are commonly rated in watts.

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