What Are Clinical Deodorants and Why Do You Need One?

The name ‘clinical deodorant’ can sound a little intimidating and like something only particular people may be able to get upon prescription. However, that’s not entirely the case. Anyone can get a clinical deodorant such as Duradry – pretty much anywhere. Let’s check out what clinical deodorants are all about and why you may need one.

What is a clinical deodorant?

Clinical deodorants are, in fact, usually prescribed to people who sweat unnaturally a lot such as due to hyperhidrosis. They are a lot more effective than usual deodorants that mainly keep people from sweating altogether. That, in turn, is because of the active ingredient aluminum zirconium. Once you start to sweat, it creates a gel under your armpits to temporarily clog your hair follicles. The hair follicles are where sweat comes to the surface. With the gel in place, sweat can’t come out from under your skin and your underarm area remains dry like a towel.

At the same time, the clinical deodorant keeps unwelcome body odor at bay. Traditional deodorants also have this property since all you’d need to achieve it is an antibacterial component. Sweat in itself does usually not smell. However, there are naturally bacteria living on your skin which also means they live under your arm, too. Under your arm is a perfect breeding ground for them as it’s simply nice and cozy there. Sweat starts to smell due to its fats and proteins which react with the bacteria on your armpit. With an antibacterial component, the bacteria are eradicated and none of your body odor will smell funny. On the downside, simple antibacterial properties don’t keep you from sweating. Whoever tends to sweat a lot may not smell funny but would still have to live with those unsightly wet rings under his arm.

A clinical deodorant is usually prescribed by a doctor if you’ve got hyperhidrosis. Fortunately, you don’t have to get a prescription first these days, as there are clinical strength deodorants available over the counter. Thus you can benefit from all the positive properties of a clinical deodorant at any time.

Why would you need a clinical deodorant?

There can be a myriad of reasons as to why you may need a clinical deodorant. Of course, if you’re suffering from hyperhidrosis, you’d definitely want a clinical deodorant. You’d just spray it under your armpit and all your troubles with excessive sweating are a thing of the past. No more extra large sweat stains and embarrassing odors anymore either!

But even if you don’t suffer from actual hyperhidrosis, a clinical deodorant can be your saviour in the following situations:

  • on hot summer days when we all sweat a lot or if you live in a hot climate
  • you can party all night without sweating
  • perfect to use when wearing tight clothing
  • no funny smells in synthetic fibers
  • you remain dry when you’re active

We all sweat in hot climates

As much as we love hot climates and hot summer days, the heat causes us to sweat more. That’s actually not a bad thing in itself as our body produces sweat to cool us down. But it will create sweat stains on your clothing and may want to change several times a day. Who’s got the time to choose several outfits for the same day? Who’d even want to carry around a bunch of replacement clothes? No one. To remain dry under your armpits and feel fresh throughout even the hottest summer days, you can use clinical deodorant.

Party all night with your outfit intact

When you party all night, your outfit may not look as gorgeous as when you left your house. As you dance, you will definitely sweat and probably even quite a lot.

If you are looking for a new partner or try to drag the attention of your person of interest onto you, you might be out of luck. The sweat stains on your clothes will rather drag any attention away from you. With a clinical deodorant, you can rest assured to look amazing all night long.

Tight clothing causes you to sweat more

Tight clothing is amazing as you can show off your perfect body. The downside is only that you automatically sweat more when wearing tight clothes. The fabric of your tight clothes causes friction under your arms which then triggers your body to produce more sweat.

If you’d like to remain dry even in tight clothes, you may want to use a clinical deodorant.

Synthetic clothes trap sweat odors

You may have already noticed that when you’re wearing clothes made of synthetic fibres, the armpit area smells horrible. It’s not just because of your own body odor. Your sweat reacts first with the bacteria under your arm and then with the synthetic fibres. As synthetic fibres aren’t exactly a breathable material, the odors are trapped inside the fabric and it remains wet on top of it. Removing such odors clothes with a good wash isn’t an easy task either.
You could use the best washing gel or powder and the smells would still be trapped. The only way to avoid unwelcome smells in synthetic fibres is to use clinical deodorant.

Workout, HIIT, hiking – and you remain dry

Last, but not least, very active sporty people may want to take advantage of clinical deodorant. No matter if you’re at the gym for an impressive workout, a HIIT session or if you’re going hiking – you will sweat a lot. Of course, you can probably change clothes at a gym, but you’d have to carry around those smelly clothes all day.
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When hiking, you may not be given the opportunity to change clothes. Besides, it’d result in more weight to carry. With a clinical deodorant, you’re all in the clear also during these instances.

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