What Are Chin and Cheek Augmentations?

The chin and cheek areas of the face complement each other so obviously that they are often the starkest giveaways of someone’s age. This, of course, can be difficult to cope with, and many people who have begun to notice changes can experience a drastic downturn of self-confidence and general well-being.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways to restore that youthful glow.

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Chin and cheek augmentations, for example, are such fantastic options for turning back the clock that, in 2020, over 108,000 people went under the knife for them in the United States alone.

A Simple Fix for Undesirable Chin and Cheek Features

Weak jawlines and under-projected chins are some of the most commonly reported cosmetic problems not only among women, but also among men. The latter, by way of example, may try to cover their problem areas with facial hair, which can work to an extent, but the truth is that not everyone wants to grow a substantial beard (if they can even grow one at all).

Another widespread issue is cheek puffiness, which contributes to the dreaded “chipmunk” look. Puffy cheeks can also make people appear heavier than they actually are.

Rather than hide these problems, it is best to be aware that there are some truly effective augmentation solutions that not only accentuate the facial profile but provide a more defined and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

How Do Chin and Cheek Augmentations Work?

Chin Augmentation Surgery

Chin augmentation surgery—also known as a “mentoplasty”—can not only strengthen the chin; it can also reduce the size and shape of chins that are too large for their own good.

For chins that do not adequately project, surgeons place implants within the face to create new structure. Naturally, the size of the implant is discussed prior to surgery to ensure that the patient’s aesthetic goals line up with those of their surgeon.

During a chin augmentation, an incision is made under the chin before enough space is cut out to insert the implant. Usually, implants are quite small, but they can make a big difference. It is paramount, as well, that the surgeon considers how the new chin will affect the continuity and definition of the jawline.

Typically, the following people will have the best experience with a mentoplasty:

  • Those with a weak or recessed chin and jawline.
  • Those with severe overbites or underbites.
  • Those with a weak side profile.

Cheek Augmentation Surgery

Well-defined cheeks are almost universally considered beautiful, as they communicate not only youth, but overall symmetry. Puffy or saggy cheeks, on the other hand, might lead to more obvious structural imbalances.

Before a cheek augmentation, surgeons typically use 3D technology to assess the patient’s unique facial structure. Then, they cut incisions into the cheeks, and the facial implants are inserted accordingly once excess fat and tissue are removed.

Typically, the following people are best suited to a cheek augmentation:

  • Those with puffy or saggy cheeks.
  • Those with asymmetrical facial features.
  • Those who lack facial definition in certain areas.

Chin and cheek reductions are also quite popular, and file down problematic bone structures. These options are particularly effective for the puffiest cheeks and overly pronounced chins.

Both chin and cheek surgeries are quite simple to perform—they only take about an hour to complete—and their results are usually permanent.

The Benefits of Undergoing These Augmentation Procedures

Besides the obvious benefits of a more pleasing overall appearance, perhaps the greatest benefit of chin and cheek augmentations is the newfound confidence that comes along with an excellent result.

If you are experiencing puffy cheeks, a weak chin, a lack of jawline definition, or any other problems that pertain to these very sensitive areas, it might be time to consider a chin and cheek augmentation as a potential solution.

We live in a remarkably exciting time when facial cosmetic procedures are not only easy to access but can substantially enhance your appearance. Still, it is incredibly important to choose a masterful surgeon to do the best job, and it is even more integral that you express your individual needs to a trusted professional who has the skills necessary to satisfy you.

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