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The API 14M series of 100-mannel pipe fittings are the latest and most efficient in the industry, allowing manufacturers and contractors to deliver their projects on time and on budget. Featuring a wide range of options, the API 14M series is designed for industrial applications in which space and safety are critical, such as in the oil and gas, power, and water industries. Using a combination of steel and polypropylene, the API 14M pipe fittings are a practical, cost-effective alternative to other pipe products.


If you want to get your API approval, you have to prepare a master file to maintain the confidentiality of your API information. This is one of the most popular procedures used by API manufacturers. It helps you provide the relevant information about your API, such as preparation control, stability and ICH module 3.2.S. The following information is a brief description of the procedure.

There are two main things you have to know when it comes to preparing the master file. First, you need to know the release definition of your API. Secondly, you need to specify a reference to the release definition. Once you’ve specified the reference, you need to provide a REST API url to access the release environment. These are the basic steps of preparing the API master file.

When you are done, you need to submit your master file to the FDA, in order to get your approval. In this case, you will need to provide the name of your release environment, the REST API url to access it, and the release definition.


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