VentureBeat Events – Speaking at Transform Technology Summits

Taking place in Barcelona, Spain, from November 7-9, VentureBeat Events will bring together over 1000 industry professionals to discuss the latest trends in games, technology, marketing, and media. Whether you’re a startup or a big name, you’ll have access to key insights from the best speakers in the industry. The event will include the GamesBeat Summit, the Future of Work Summit, and Transform. This is one of the most important conferences of the year and you won’t want to miss it!

Future of Work Summit

VB Events’ Future of Work Summit is scheduled for January 12th, 2019. This event will provide a venue for leaders to explore the new ways of working. It will include live presentations, virtual sessions, and networking opportunities. It will also highlight the transformational impact of technology.

This year’s Future of Work Summit will examine digital workplaces, business transformation, change management, and mobility. It will extract specific strategies to help senior executives re-architect work. It will also provide a virtual portal for on-demand viewing of the talks.

The 2022 conference will offer an opportunity to hear from leading executives and practitioners. It will also feature a panel of experts and end-users discussing the evolution of the modern workplace. The conference is free for registered attendees. The keynote speakers are from Salesforce, Zoom, and VB. The topics discussed are diverse and include new technologies, the future of the workforce, and workplace culture.

GamesBeat Summit

Taking place over three days, the GamesBeat Summit is the industry’s premier gathering of game developers, publishers, investors and VCs. The event attracts industry luminaries from all over the world. It’s also a great venue for deal-making and networking.

The conference’s official theme is “The Dawn of a New Generation.” The games industry is at a pivotal point, where transitions to new machines and business models are paving the way for an emerging new breed of gamers. It’s no surprise that the big players are constantly evolving their approaches to stay ahead of the pack.

The GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming Summit will showcase the most exciting opportunities that lie ahead for this industry. The event will feature top-tier speakers who will discuss the biggest innovations and technologies transforming the industry, and will reveal how leading companies are adapting to the changing landscape.

GamesBeat and Facebook are partnering to produce a three-day conference featuring the best of both worlds. At the GamesBeat Summit, the audience will be able to learn about the latest and greatest in the mobile and cloud gaming industries, as well as what is going on in the industry’s other major pillars of creativity, monetization, and diversity.


VB’s flagship Transform event is held in July of each year. It features a variety of interesting and informative sessions and is a perfect venue for networking with retail industry executives. There are a number of VIP programs to choose from, including access to the mainstage, breakfast sessions, and private networking. A VIP badge will also get you a free drink on the house and a swag bag chock full of goodies.

Besides the usual suspects, the event features a series of AI powered roundtables to help aficionados make connections in the tech community. It is also home to the biggest and most important AI awards program in the industry, the AI MVP program. This award is designed to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of the AI field and its applications. The winners will receive a trophy and a check for $10,000. Aside from the accolades, the winners will also be invited to the annual conference and expo.

Head of Events Content

VB Lab is a custom content studio that allows marketers to promote their products and services through a variety of digital campaigns. In addition, the VentureBeat Events Head of Content works to identify and secure speakers for the events. They will also help determine overarching themes and liaise with internal VB stakeholders.

The Beat events are always created around new and innovative products, ideas, and discussions. They are designed to reach targeted audiences. Organizers have begun integrating one-on-one meetings and networking chats into their events. In addition, they have begun integrating breaks into the schedule to provide attendees with additional opportunities to connect with the audience and sponsors.


In addition to securing speakers for VB events, the Head of Content will also oversee content planning and speaker recruitment. They will liaise with VB stakeholders and top-tier executives to find the best speakers for the events. They will also review submissions from speakers and help determine the overarching themes for the events.

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