Understanding Rear-end Collisions in Rockford

One of the most frequent types of accidents on Rockford’s roads is rear-end crashes. A rear-end collision happens precisely when the front of one automobile strikes the back of another. Speeding, carelessness, and operating a vehicle while intoxicated are some of the most frequent causes of these collisions. It’s critical to get legal assistance if a read end collision caused your injuries and losses. If you want to know more about what you can do legally or need assistance making an accident claim, hire a car accident lawyer Rockford.

Why do rear-end collisions occur?

Honestly, there may be a lot of reasons that could lead to rear-end collisions. According to studies that have been conducted in Rockford, the major contributing factors to rear-end collisions are bad road conditions, traffic, another driver’s recklessness, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

What are the rear-end crash statistics?

Some sources cite that there are over half a million rear-end collisions all over the US. In terms of numbers, it has been seen that about 417,064 were reported in recent years, out of which 2,428 ended up in the deaths of the victims. Particularly in Rockford, rear-end crashes claimed the lives of 360 individuals. In addition, 92,000 people sustained injuries, and 540 of them had injuries that were serious. 

Who will be held liable?

It depends, in some cases, it has been seen that the rear driver was not held responsible for the rear-end collision. After an investigation, if it is determined that the collision was caused due to the negligence of the driver in front or because they were driving under the influence of alcohol or medications, they will be held more liable for the accident. Therefore, based on the law of comparative negligence, the attorneys will determine which party was more responsible for the accident. And both of the parties may come out with compensation. 

Suppose the driver at the front was 60 percent responsible for the accident, then he or she will be able to recoup 40 percent of the damages caused in the rear-end collision. The amount one may receive will depend on the level of liability.

Final thoughts:

Did you recently get injured in a rear-end collision in Rockford? You will be able to recover the damages that you sustained because of the accident with the help of an attorney. Why wait? reach out to a Rockford personal injury attorney.

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