Understanding How the Best Vape Juice Australia Can Offer Works!

So, we will be mainly talking to people here who are perhaps somewhat unfamiliar with nicotine vape juice in Australia or elsewhere, maybe they haven’t used very much or haven’t used any at all the. If you are an experienced vape user, then stick around, towards the bottom of this, we will give you a little extra tip on shopping for vape juice.

First of all, vapes don’t burn the juice, so you aren’t actually smoking when you use one.

You are still inhaling a solution that contains nicotine, a very addictive compound, but you aren’t smoking. This in and of itself eliminates a great deal of the health problems and dangers of smoking, as you won’t be taking in any of the ash and carcinogens in cigarette, tobacco or cigar smoke.

However, it is also safer because there is nothing on fire, there is no ash, there is no secondhand smoke of any kind.

This lack of burning also allows for a far wider range of flavors given that incineration limits this greatly, hence the somewhat finite range of flavors cigarettes have famously had over the years in fact, the only truly unique cigarette flavor I remember ever encountering in my time as a smoker or those horrendous clove things and a very short-lived berry menthol thing that one of the major brands did that I liked, so of course it was discontinued. However, vape juice can have flavors from various fruity, confectionery and candy flavors all the way to coffee, tea and even wine and beer flavored ones, though the latter aren’t all that pleasant if you ask me. You can even get one’s designed to taste like actual cigarettes if you like, though I haven’t liked any of those flavors I’ve tried either. Nonetheless, you are guaranteed to find one you like, and the fact that most of them have a slight icy undertone gives it a bite that you think you would miss from giving up cigarettes.

So, vape juice is basically just a glycerin compound like propylene glycol or vegetable oil derivative (an inert chemical compound), a safe form of nicotine similar to what is used in various quitting products and an artificial flavoring of some sort which must pass the same strict food and drug regulations than any other flavoring must pass regardless of whether it is going to be or not. This is evaporated by a heating coil whenever you puff on your vape, shutting it down when you release. You may see something leave your lungs when you exhale, but this is just water vapor and the glycerin compound, there is practically no nicotine at all in it, and it breaks down in the atmosphere, dissipating instantly, eliminating secondhand smoke.

However, I did say that I would be giving old hands a chance when it comes to shopping for the best vape juice Australia can offer. Consider going online to shop for nicotine vape juice in Australia, as you don’t have to worry about your product not being popular enough to go on shelves, you don’t have to worry about them being sold out and it is just much safer considering this stupid virus just won’t go away!

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