Twitter Expands Ticketed Spaces Spacespereztechcrunch

Twitter’s expanding ticketed spacespereztechcrunch

Ticketed Spaces, which lets hosts set a price for listening to live audio chats, is now rolling out to more iOS and Android broadcasters. It was originally available only to a select group of iOS users last month, but Twitter is now making it available to everyone in the US.

Hosts can set the ticket price anywhere from $1 to $999 and limit how many tickets they sell. In-app notifications will let users know that a ticketed Space is happening, and they may also be sent an invite to purchase tickets by the host through DM.

The feature’s monetization potential is still in the early stages, and Twitter takes a 3% cut of creators’ earnings from these sales. However, once a creator’s total lifetime earnings on Twitter (including Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows) exceed $50,000, that percentage increases to 20%.

In addition to this monetization feature, Twitter is also making improvements to its live captions, so that they can be paused and customized for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. This is a great addition for creators who want to make their Spaces accessible for all audiences, and it’s also a good sign that Twitter isn’t about to give up on audio broadcasting.

Twitter is also rolling out a new dashboard for Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces that will show creators how much they’ve earned via the monetization features, including how much of their earnings are coming from the Ticketed Spaces feature and what Apple’s 30% in-app purchase fee is. The dashboard can be accessed from the app’s Monetization tab.

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