Travertine Pavers in the Backyard

Are you looking for ways to create your backyard paradise or oasis? If you want to create a tranquil outdoor space and are looking for natural stone to help you achieve this dream, look no further than travertine. This magnificent natural stone is suitable for any exterior and interior solution. You can utilize it in your indoor space and make a seamless transition with your outdoor, reminiscing warm Mediterranean design style. If you are looking for high-quality travertine, click here. If you want to learn more about pavers for your backyard, made of travertine, keep reading this article. 

What Are the Advantages of Natural Stone Steps?

The garden is a beautiful oasis of calm, which we build with a lot of love and attention. It is our piece of nature that relieves us of stress and recharges and balances us. Walking barefoot on the lush grass is really therapeutic, but we can’t always do it. That’s why it’s good to set up footpaths in the garden that are both practical and beautiful. 

What Better Material for the Purpose than Natural Stone?

Here we will introduce you to the travertine stone garden steps, due to their traditional presence in the Mediterranean garden. Here are some reasons to choose them:

No Installation 

You simply lay the steps in slightly sunken soil or gravel. No glues, pads, or tools are needed. – No matching: the steps are placed at a distance from each other, there is no specific order, and there is no matching of the individual plates. 

These tiles give complete creative freedom. You can combine them in your exterior with different materials of all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Natural Appeal

The garden steps, made of travertine pavers, fit naturally into the garden landscape as if nature had placed them there. – Slip resistant: the rough surface of the garden steps is suitable for outdoor use. – Resistant to moisture: the stone steps are dense even though they are porous. They are extremely robust: suitable for intensive walking wear.

Easy Maintenance 

Regular sweeping and washing within the normal necessity of any house are quite sufficient. 

Supports health

Walking barefoot on an uneven stone surface stimulates the reflex points of the feet and can thus help improve blood circulation, digestion and reduce stress and tension.

Budget solution

You will not need many square meters of travertine stone slabs to make the garden path. Just a few steps can be quite enough.

What Is the Application of Travertine Stone in the Garden?

There are many ways, in which you can use travertine in the garden, depending on the space and landscape design you are aiming for. Besides from the form of a yard covering or a garden path, this beautiful and noble material can also be utilized as: – Garden decoration: whole stone pieces, small decorative stones, stone columns, sculptures, pots, fountains and fountains, and stone gardens. – Garden furniture: benches, tables, sinks, barbecues, etc.

What Kind? 

Still haven’t decided what look to give your garden? Or do you already have a lovely garden that needs an upgrade or two? Whether you have a clear plan or not, you will find a variety of natural travertine pavers for your garden.

The types of garden stone solutions offered by Saturnia Travertini can suit every style and taste.

Different finish slabs of this limestone can be installed as a path over a layer of glue or spread as individual stepping slabs. They give great creative freedom of combination and create an interesting visual effect, which can be both contrasting and monochrome. The steps made of this stone can be shaped or unshaped, but in either case, they are in harmony with nature’s balance.

Their presence is discreet and, in typical Mediterranean fashion, seem to blend with their surroundings. Their tranquil appeal is enhanced when there is a grassy patch around them.

Saturnia Travertini is among the world market leaders with many years of experience and thousands of successfully implemented projects in dozens of countries. They supply high quality material from selected quarries.

To Sum Up… 

If you love beautiful designs, bold ideas and unexpected solutions, be sure to check them out. We also love seeing the breathtaking end results of this creative process. Travertine can be a part of your successful outdoor project. It is enough to wield to the idea and then execute it. From the selection of stone through the order to the proper implementation, you will have a blast with your travertine path for your new tranquil outdoor space. 

Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, you will fall in love with this gorgeous stone. Its porous structure and natural appeal mesmerize everyone. The best part is that the stone is as beautiful as it is durable, so you can rest assured that you will have your travertine pavers for decades to come.

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