Top Places People are moving to in 2021

The previous year has changed our lives drastically. The pandemic Covid-19 has affected our personal and work lives in many ways and the most intriguing part of this change is the increased number of people leaving their current locations to settle somewhere else. The work-from-home facility has given the leverage to many to have a change of scenery of their living areas. Many people are moving to their favourite places to live a calm and peaceful life and availability of remote working. While some people are moving from densely populated areas to less populated areas, some people are looking for areas with a low cost of living.

Moving Trends 2021

The pandemic has brought the economy to a very uncertain level and many people have lost their jobs. And due to lost job or deducted salaries, people are moving to areas where housing rates and overall cost of living is low. The loss of job and/or income is leading people to affordable places to reduce living expenses.

With a rise in remote work facilities, people with a strong financial base are also moving from metro places to small cities or even to rural areas. So many people are on the move that in all this moving hustle it is hard for them to find affordable interstate moving companies to provide timely services.

With all these common moving trends there are some common areas too that people prefer over others:


Cities of Arizona including Scottsdale and Phoenix have seen a lot of population growth in the past year and the number is still increasing. Arizona’s hot weather is the primary reason that it is attracting more people. Scenic attractions like Grand Canyon National Park and Glen Canyon are other attractions. The state is also known for its golf courses like TPC Scottsdale and Raven Golf Club.


Idaho is another state that is witnessing several new additions in the current year. Mostly, people are moving here from metro cities to enjoy the slow life pace of the state. It is known for its natural scenic beauty, less population, and low cost of living so many people prefer moving here after their retirement. The state has also become popular among people as they can stay safe from the virus in the current pandemic situation.


Colorado has always been on people’s favourite list. Even before the pandemic, Colorado’s population is ever-growing. The pleasant weather, affordable living, and plenty of job opportunities are some of the many other reasons that are inspiring people to move to the state. Access to outdoor and recreational activities like hiking and skiing are some other benefits of staying in Colorado.


The suburbs of Texas are seeing more inflow of people than its big cities like Austin and Dallas as people are more inclined towards a low pace lifestyle in the current situation. Texas is known for its amazing culture and large land areas along with good job opportunities. All this and much more is attracting people to relocate here. Hiking at the Big Bang National Park and surfing at Stewart Beach are some of the most attractive activities in Texas.

North Carolina

North Carolina has become one of the most popular cities during the pandemic. People are relocating to the state for many reasons including affordable living and beautiful surroundings.

The low cost of living of the state is making it a top choice for people with remote working facilities. It is also known for many outdoor and recreational activities that keep people occupied on weekends. Cape Hatteras Seashore, Chimney Rock State Park, and Blue Ridge Parkway are some of the most attractive places in North Carolina.


Oregon is another popular place for people to relocate. Moderate weather conditions and amazing landscape are two big reasons that people get attracted to it. The state offers a high quality of life at an affordable price and has many job opportunities for all trades. It has many breweries and many recreational activities to offer. Some small cities are the safest to live and people with work from a home facility simply love being there.


Another state that is attracting many people to relocate there is Florida. The low cost of living feature of Florida makes it the best choice for retirees to relocate there. The state also offers many recreational activities to adults. Moderate weather conditions and beautiful beaches are two main causes that people are moving to Florida. The state has a diversified culture as you will find people from all cultures, religions, and backgrounds there. Its diversified culture is another big reason that people get interested in living there.

Along with all of the above states, many others have seen a sudden rise in their population. Though new people are welcomed wholeheartedly at new locations, it is saddening that some states are losing their residents.

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