Top Institutions to Study Music in the UK

Of course, a degree in music can help hone your music skills. Whether you are a songwriter, instrumentalist, or producer, a music school is your best bet. 

There are lots of music schools across the UK. These schools have varying teaching styles, music focus, and fees. But despite the presence of many music schools in this country, not all offer the best service. We saw this and thought of sharing the top institutions to study music in the UK. Keep reading!

Durham University

Durham University is one of the finest in the country and has consistently ranked high on the league table. Durham University offers a bachelor’s degree in music for undergraduates. The music degree can be taken through 6 paths and spread across three years.

The music department at Durham offers a wide range of internationally recognized courses. You can learn musicology, electronic music, contemporary music performance, historical musical styles, and so on. 

Students can also learn various countries’ styles of music, from Korean to Indian, from Soviet Union music to British music, at this University.

As earlier mentioned, Durham has a good reputation. Hence, it admits students with competitive grades.  If you are a foreigner seeking a music degree, consider getting a Study visa UK.

Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM)

Royal Northern College of Music is one of the best music schools in the UK. The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate education to its students. Students can choose a classical musical degree or a bachelor’s degree in popular music at the undergraduate level.

The college has a high record of graduates who are already working or taking another music course. As a plus, it has received many musical talents from across the country. The school has received musicians, performing artists, music professors, musical directors, writers, instrumentalists, etc. 

At RNCM, it doesn’t stop at just learning music. Students are tutored in the business of music. They are well-grounded in A&R and business engagement. 

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

This school is excellent for students who love a performing arts environment. Students can enroll in classes such as dancing, acting, music production, directing, etc. This school has an outstanding reputation for providing stellar art education. Take classes in Jazz music, performance, production technology, or music education.

Royal Conservatoire is located in the city of Glasgow. It offers a Bachelor of Music (Hons) that spans four years. There are also postgraduate courses which come with slightly higher fees. The cost of a postgraduate music degree at Royal Conservatoire will run into 10k pounds. 

It is essential to know that SAAS (Students Awards Agency Scotland) pays for many full-time Scottish undergraduate residents. If you seek more information as an immigrant, you should consult a lawyer for immigration.

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Guildhall School of music and drama is one of the best music institutions in the UK. The school utilizes a personal tutoring approach to music education. They foster a strong community of artists and performers, where students can learn from their tutors and peers. Professional development is the result. 

Whether you enroll in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, you’ll still enjoy a one-2-one learning structure. At Guildhall school, courses kickoff in October as application ends in September. 

Students will be considered with a recognized high school certification and IELTS 5.5. Keep in mind that fees vary for EU and non-EU students. EU and UK students will be required to pay £9,250 annually and £22,800 for non-EU students.

Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA)

LIPA is a top music institution. It has produced the finest and most renowned performers in the UK. Mark Ronson, the Grammy award-winning music producer, has publicly commended the incredibility of the institution. They have produced top acts like Dan Croll, Sandi Thom, and Little Jinder.

Since it was established in 1996, it has enrolled over 6000 students. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in songwriting, popular music, etc. It also offers a Foundation Certificate in Popular Music & Music Technology to prepare students for a Bachelor’s degree. The institution focuses on contemporary professional music. Students are prepared for the music industry and the entire music business skills.

Final Words

A music degree can do so much to your professional development. In the UK, there are many places to study music. We’ve only listed the top institutions to consider for a stellar education. When selecting a school, ensure to check their requirements, fees, teaching style, and music focus before making a pick.

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