Tips to write a start and end for your writing

You stare at a blank screen. Where you now see that blinking cursor, the text of that important web text, or e-mail, a report, or that article with which you want to impress customers, followers or colleagues will soon appear. But how are you going to handle that?

You just force yourself to start. Everyone can write, right? But if you read the first paragraphs back, you start to doubt again. Are those sentences okay? Are you not too long-winded, do you not use superfluous words? And is this interesting enough to hold people’s attention? If you recognize yourself in this, remember that it can also be done differently.

Start with confidence

Imagine that you start writing with confidence, because you know that you can write a text that your readers will “fly” through. You know how to translate your knowledge into short and powerful sentences and paragraphs that capture the attention of your readers. You know how to convey a message clearly in a catchy structure, and how to win the sympathy of your readers with the right anecdote in the right place.

This is not an unattainable dream, even if you are currently struggling with writing and

No one is born as writer

No one is born a good writer. In school you may have learned to write a letter or essay.
The teacher then marked out spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar with a red pen. But did that teacher also teach you how to write catchy, how to grab the reader by the guts?

Probably not. Everyone writes web texts, mailings, and reports. Everyone fights for the attention of readers with expensive words, but the much-needed basic skills to write an attractive text are not covered in most courses.

That is a shame because anyone can learn to compose attractive texts if the right knowledge, examples and exercises are provided.

In the online course Captivating writing! you will learn the basics of attractive writing in half a day, which you will benefit from for the rest of your career. You get powerful techniques that the best copywriters, journalists, and authors use, but that you don’t learn in school or university.

End it impressively

  • An Impressive Image

Nothing lingers as well as a visual description. An image at the end can emphasize the message of your article better than any conclusion. By visiting this site you can know this about

  • Return to the beginning

‘Making a story round’ is the writing term for a technique in which you return to the beginning at the end of the story. It is the best way to know about the science fiction editors.

  • News

At the end of the part I return to my starting topic. This gives the reader the feeling that the circle is complete. But beware: a return to the beginning works less well if you don’t add new information at the end.

  • End with a question?

Usually you raise a question at the beginning of an article, which you then answer.

But if you’re writing a blog, it’s not crazy to end an article with a question mark.

Of course there are more ways to complete a text. Which writing technique do you prefer to use to end an article or blog post?

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