Things to Remember When Settling a Car Accident Claim

When you are involved in a car accident, you will first make sure that you and the passengers in your car have not been hurt. If the accident’s severity is high, it might take a lot of time to recover physically and mentally. 

As you recover, you will be burdened with the thought of recovering fair compensation from the insurance company. While this process might take up a lot of time and drain you mentally, you do not have to stress much about it. RSH Legal – Iowa Personal Injury Lawyers will make sure to get you the money that you are owed from the insurance company.

Tips to remember before settling a car accident claim:

Needless to say, agreeing with the settlement offer the insurance company puts forth might not reap the maximum benefits, as their claims adjuster will try to downplay your suffering and manipulate you into settling for as little as possible. So, take a look at these tips to be prepared while settling your car accident claim:

  • Gather as much information as possible. 

After the incident, try to collect as much information as you can at the site of the accident and also ask the witnesses for their contact details. 

  • Click pictures of the accident scene. 

As everyone does, it is safe to assume you have a mobile phone with a camera. So, take images of every detail that might support your case.

  • Obtain a copy of the police report.

When an accident occurs, the police will come to the site and prepare a report. Do not forget to get yourself a copy of that report by asking the police for one.

  • Decline any settlement offers. 

After the insurance company learns about your accident, their claims adjuster will call you and try to get you to settle for the least amount possible. No matter how sweetly they talk, they disagree with the offer that they present. You might feel the money they offer is very nice and be tempted to accept it, but do not forget that you can get much more if you hire a personal injury attorney.

  • Hire an attorney immediately.

You might be emotionally vulnerable after your accident and not be making the best decisions at the moment. So, contact an attorney and let them assess your damages, helping you demand claims from the insurance company. Sometimes, you might also need to file a lawsuit if the claim does not satisfy your demands, and an attorney will assist you with that!

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