The Role of a Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer

For the bankruptcy procedure to be successful, quickly, and with minimal involvement of the bankrupt himself, it is worth entrusting its conduct to specialists. An experienced personal bankruptcy lawyer not only perfectly knows all the nuances of the law but also has a law enforcement practice behind him, which allows him to successfully achieve debt cancellation even in the most difficult and hopeless cases, from the point of view of debtors. Vohwinkel Law Firm has the best Bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas. In this article, we will tell you more about how a lawyer can help in the bankruptcy procedure.

Why contact a lawyer

The assistance of a lawyer in the case of recognizing the financial insolvency of a citizen allows minimizing the participation of the debtor in the procedure, simultaneously eliminating the risk of gross legal errors due to ignorance of the law. The price of such mistakes is high: prolongation of the procedure, increased expenses in case of bankruptcy, and refusal to declare the debtor bankrupt.

Bankruptcy legal assistance allows a person to:

  • be confident in the successful outcome of the case;
  • receive full protection of their legal rights and interests;
  • make your participation in the bankruptcy procedure minimal;
  • reduce the financial and time costs of bankruptcy of a citizen.

The participation of a lawyer is necessary and in demand in case of personal bankruptcy of individuals and individual entrepreneurs, with debts on loans and mortgages, in case of bankruptcy of guarantors, etc.

A professional will definitely find a legally correct solution to the problem regarding debts.

What is the work of a bankruptcy lawyer?

Consider what a bankruptcy specialist does in the framework of a case on recognizing a citizen as insolvent.

The proposed assistance to debtors includes a list of the following services of a lawyer:

  • assistance in collecting the necessary documentation for the bankruptcy of individuals. persons;
  • filing a bankruptcy petition;
  • submission of documents to the court;
  • representing the interests of a private person at court hearings;
  • challenging court decisions and actions of the financial manager;
  • formation of a plan for restructuring debts in a bankruptcy case;
  • control over the implementation of the procedure for the sale of property: contesting decisions on the inclusion of individual property in the bankruptcy estate, conducting an independent assessment, challenging decisions on the cancellation of previously concluded agreements with the participation of the debtor;
  • filing petitions, complaints, challenges (these should include a complaint about an illegal action or inaction of a financial manager, a petition to skip the debt restructuring procedure, challenges of experts or persons involved in the sale of the property);
  • round-the-clock consultation of a bankruptcy lawyer on all issues related to the procedure.

Bankruptcy lawyer fees

The services of a bankruptcy lawyer are provided both comprehensively (full support of the procedure) and in stages. If the debtor decides to do everything himself but finds it challenging to collect documentation, you can get the services of a lawyer in the field of drawing up an application or use his services to resolve disputes with creditors and a financial manager or to appeal their actions. But the best option would be comprehensive assistance in filing the bankruptcy of an individual, which includes the full participation of a lawyer. The fees may vary depending on the nature of your case. 

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