The Proper Way to Install (and remove) Laptop Stickers 

Do you want to apply or remove stickers from your laptop but are not sure what is the best way to go about this? Are you concerned that you might ruin your laptop in the process? 

There is absolutely no need to worry. We have all the information you need to apply or remove your laptop stickers smoothly. These tips are not restricted to laptop stickers but can be super helpful for any scenario where you would like to apply or remove a sticker. 

So, without further ado, let us jump right in.

1. Choose the right material 

Before you apply your stickers, you need to make sure the material you want to use is suitable. 

Sticker printers offer a wide range of materials, some including high-tack adhesive stickers that can severely damage the shell of your laptop when you want to remove them. 

We recommend using stickers with a medium-strength adhesive. This will be strong enough to stick to your laptop, but will not leave any residue when removed. 

Most laptop stickers are made of vinyl. Vinyl stickers, like the ones you can find right here, are super versatile and resistant to water and scratches. You will probably carry your laptop in a bag or a backpack where they might come in contact with the odd leaking water bottle or will experience occasional bumps and scratches. Vinyl stickers resist all of that. 

If you are keeping your laptop in a separate bag or a special case, paper-based stickers can work just as well. They are less resistant as vinyl stickers but therefore 100% compostable!


2. Use an alcohol-based cleanser 

Before you get sticking, clean your laptop. Laptops often collect dust and grease, simply because they are being used daily. All of this can impact the adhesion of your stickers. 

To ensure the best possible result, give your laptop a clean with an alcohol-based cleanser. Please unplug your laptop before you do this and try not to get any liquids onto your keyboard. 

The same rule applies when you want to remove your stickers. You can either slightly soak your stickers in the cleanser or use it to get rid of any adhesive residue. 

Either way, let your laptop dry completely before plugging it in again.

3. Take your time 

This applies to all stickers, no matter if they are paper, wall or vinyl stickers: take your time. Going slow will save you a lot of frustration and get you the best result possible. 

Stickers come with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Avoid applying pressure until you are super happy with their position. Once you are, make sure to start applying pressure to the centre, working your way outwards. Some sticker makers offer special tools, but you can use a credit card or even your thumb to do that.

When removing your stickers, slow and steady is the best way. Start from the outer edge and peel off the adhesive with your finger nails, a credit card or a small plastic knife. As soon as you have peeled that, lift the edge and peel off the rest of your sticker.

With these tips, nothing can go wrong. We hope you found these helpful and are ready to try them out straight away. Should you have any questions or want to share some tips you have found helpful when applying vinyl stickers, we would love to hear from you in the comments. 

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