The Popularity of Decra Roofing Tiles

Roofingis the climax of construction for all houses. Irrespective of the type of roofing chosen, it remains the most important aspect of a house that renders it useful. This is why you need reliable roofing materials. This article focuses on decra roofing tiles as a reliable type of roofing material.

Decra roofing tiles are internationally recognized as perfect metal roofing materials. In service since 1957, decra roofing tiles have taken over the world of building and construction of houses. Their exemplary architecture can’t help but make it exquisite roofing materials in the long run. Below is an image of the decra roofing tiles design.

Features of decra roofing tiles

Decra roofing tiles pose architectural elegance without compromising their quality. They are designed in layers of different materials all of which work hand in hand to bring out utmost quality than any other metal roofing materials ever before.

They have a steel base galvanized with zinc-aluminum alloys on both sides that keep the steel base metal from rusting. On top of the alloys are 2 micron acrylic resins that act as adhesives for further layers and decra roofing tiles prices in Kenya protect the zinc-aluminium alloy coating.

A tough and flexiblebase coat, also 100% acrylic resin-based thatoffers protection and bonds with the natural stone chips follows the resin layers. Natural stone chips that offer high-quality surface protection and long-lasting aesthetic colors follow.

To wrap the process up, a clear acrylic overlay for binding the stone chips as well as a semi-glassy finish.

All these features produce the best quality roofing materials that the decra roofing tilesare. True to say, the may seem high butare worth it.

Pros of decra roofing tiles

They are efficient in cooling the house. They deflect thermal radiations away from your house bringing a cosy and conducive atmosphere inside your building.

They are durable since they are built into many protective layers which come in handy to increase their resistance to factors that could compromise their longevity.

The stone chips help to make the decra roofing tiles noise-proof even in times of heavy rain. This makes you enjoy comfort living under their shelter inside the building.

They are effective weatherproof.

They can stand wind moving up to 120 miles per hour (mph) and hails of up to 25 inches in thickness. They can also withstand windy rains at speeds of up to 110mphhence no rain can penetrate the building.

They are fire-resistant hence they can give you enough time to vacate the building in case it catches fire.

They possess an architectural charm that lasts for long. They do not fade easily hence your house remains beautiful in the long run.

Disadvantages of decra roofing tiles

One main downside of the decra roofing tiles is that they are relatively expensive than traditional roofing sheets.


Decra roofing tiles are the all-time best stone coated roofing tiles in Kenya. They cost relatively more per square foot of installation than traditional roofing sheets but save you a lot of expenses in the long run.

They are not the most expensive but they are high-qualitymetal roofing materials all of which make the decra roofing tiles a game-changer.

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