The Hidden Technology Used in Casinos Today

The casino industry has continued to grow despite the effects of Covid. When social distancing and other restrictions came into play, the action simply moved online.

In 2021, the global casino industry was estimated to be worth around $230 billion with nearly 5,000 traditional casinos across the world. The gaming industry has often been seen to adopt new technology. But, much of this is hidden, and the average player may not even realize what is involved in online and traditional casinos behind the scenes.

How do casinos adopt technology?

Anyone wishing to play blackjack or poker today can go online without leaving their home. Visiting any gaming website brings up an array of games and options. Yet, while some technology is clear such as the use of chatbots, secure payment methods, and live dealers, some of the tech being used may be less noticeable.

If you visit an online casino today, you may not realize that AI is being employed to create a more personalized and immersive experience. It is also used to make gaming more secure.

In traditional casinos, technology has helped to make gaming safer after the effects of the pandemic. Below are some ways that technology is being utilized in casinos now.

Safer check-ins to casino resorts

You may not realize this, but your smartphone is almost certainly equipped with something called NFC technology, or near-field communication.

This allows contactless payments and can assist with automated check-ins. After the pandemic, this has become widely used in casino resorts to minimize human contact.

Facial recognition for security, and customer experience

The famed eye-in-the-sky is still very much in use in casinos in Vegas and across the world. While this form of facial recognition technology is well-known and visible, a new form has started to appear but is less obvious at first.

Towards the end of 2019, gaming company Konami introduced a new type of slot machine with facial recognition. This technology was designed to recognize VIP players and perhaps deliver a more personalized experience. It can however also be used to spot players that are less desirable to the casino.

Reduction of cheating and theft of chips

RFID is used in traditional casinos to inform casino staff when slot machines require emptying, or refilling. Radio frequency identification can also be used in casino chips so that they can be tracked. This helps to reduce theft, and also allows management to track exactly how many chips are in play at one time.

Another invisible piece of technology being used is hidden in card dealing shoes. Here, electronic reading technology is installed to record every card that is dealt. The data is sent to a computer where software is used to warn the dealer and security if something is awry. This removes the possibility of anyone swapping cards, making the games safer for both players and the house.


AI, facial recognition, and contactless check-ins are just some of the ways that technology is being used online and in brick-and-mortar casinos today. Some of this tech is quite visible, but hidden away technology is also being used in ways many players never see.

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