solar energy lighting system project

In the state of the country’s trade deficit in energy continued. causing the country to lose income and many opportunities To develop the country as advanced as other civilized countries in the world. 

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Much of the energy we need to buy from abroad. Since the daily production capacity is insufficient to meet the needs of people and industrial sectors across the country, such as fuel energy, electric energy, etc., therefore, setting up a problem in order to get answers as a way to develop the country’s energy Therefore, it is a matter that all citizens should ask whether “Where do we seek energy from? with low production costs able to provide energy sustainably” and most importantly, not burning one energy to get the energy we need

Solar energy Is the only answer worth and enough for everyone. A daylight filled with scorching sunlight for more than 10 hours is an infinite amount of energy. It was wasted for nothing more than a billion years ago, so we should be able to take advantage of this inexhaustible energy. Create energy opportunities for yourself, your community and your nation.

Especially the lighting system. It is a system that consumes electricity only to illuminate the dark. Which may create Khun Anan in other areas or even safety in life and property But we cannot deny that light is a process of burning electrical energy. to obtain only light energy If we consider carefully Turns out We are buying electricity from abroad. which causes their own country to have a trade deficit of several million baht per year to burn to light only the fence posts in front of the house or how

principles and reasons

Lighting systems, whether inside the house, outside the house, or public lighting systems throughout the community. is to use wasted electrical energy In addition, in some areas it may not be worthwhile compared to the demand for lighting received. Therefore, finding renewable energy from nature applied to the lighting system Inevitably it will be more worthwhile than that.

Therefore, this project presents a lighting system that works by installing solar cells. by allowing the solar panel to receive light to produce electric power to be stored in the power reserve battery and will install the sunlight switch to be a breaker of the work cycle By considering the control of the intensity of light automatically. when the light during the day runs out The lighting system will turn on. By relying on energy from batteries that get energy from the sun through solar panels.


solar power generation It is one of the highly efficient alternative energy. It has basic principles for creating simple electrical power. through solar panels Which is a device that receives sunlight and converts the energy into direct current (DC) energy and then recharges this energy in the battery. In order to wait for the time to connect the lighting circuit when the sun has gone down the horizon. Therefore, in order to make the most of wasted energy use That energy must inevitably come from generating electrical energy by naturally occurring energy. To achieve sustainable renewable energy itself.

project goals

To raise awareness of the energy crisis and build knowledge Understanding of sustainable alternative energy Resulting in an awareness of the search and creation of renewable energy. Know how to use natural energy that does not cause an impact on the environment. transformed into electrical energy to benefit Including saving costs that were wasted in vain. and increase skills in knowledge of basic electrical systems as well

Materials used in project implementation

  1. Fluorescent lamp DC Set 12V 1 set
  2. Solar panel size 20W 1 panel
  3. 1 battery charge controller
  4. 1 set of 12V 12AH backup energy storage batteries
  5. The cable is insulated.

project implementation steps

  1. Fluorescent lamp DC Set 12V can use DC power directly. Because the electrical energy from the solar cell is in the form of direct current.
  2. Battery control device It is responsible for controlling energy storage. and supply power to the load or bulb set
  3. Turn on the electric power charging system. connected to the solar panel To recharge the stored electrical energy into a sustainable replacement battery.
  4. Test supplying electricity to the system
  5. Follow up on performance

And this is the stage of the lighting project that works with the installation of solar cells.

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