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Wolverines are a family of big, powerful wildcats that live in the rainforests of eastern North America. Maintained by the Federal government, the wolverine’s distinctiveness as an ecosystem destroyer is as much due to their size and how they interact with humans as anything else. But whatever their otherworldly attributes, the wolverine is very much a part of nature. So it’s not exactly a shock that one of its most recent additions to the Great White North is a native species. In fact, in some places it’s already become something of an American delicacy! So why isn’t this candidate for world-famous? Well for one thing, there aren’t many wolverine vintages left in Canada. That being said, if you live somewhere like Ontario or Quebec where the winters are dry and lush forests grow on high hillsides then chances are good you already know about these adorable little cats. The best way to know is to go out there and kill one for sure!

What is a Vintner’s Choice?

As if the list of things a vintner’s choice isn’t enough to worry about, it’s also the thing that makes or breaks a wine. If a wine is perfect for you, then it will probably taste better than any other wine you’ve ever drank. If you’re not sure which type of wine to try, you can always go to a wine store and look up recommendations. Once you know the type of wine you like, you can make a list of recommended vintages to try. If you make a list, you’ll be better equipped to make a decision.

Avoid Black Vancouvers

If you’re one who loves dark, rich wines, then chances are you’ll like the black Vancouvers. If you’re not a fan, then there are other darker variants of this famous vineyard variety you can try. If you’ve got a preferences that really drive you crazy, then you might like the white wines from other regions of the world. If you usually drink white wine, but want a black wine that’s heavier than average, you could try a Belgian bruin. If you want a bright, refreshing wine that goes with everything, try pairing it with nuts, cheese, or other fats that will keep the bugs out.

Choose Dark-eyed Bald Ralphs

These are almost never found in North American markets, but they’re a great choice if you have a taste for a heavier wine. They’re great with meat dishes like steak or lamb, and they make a great pairing with cheese, nuts, or other fats that will keep the bugs out. The dusky brown skin of these big, powerful, wildcats is often confused with the light, blue-eyed white versions, and that’s why some people find the latter more appetizing. The dark-eyed and light-colored Ralphs have a taste almost identical to one another, so you should be able to tell the difference between the two.

Shivering Isles

These are another name for a type of wild wine, and they are often found only on the islands of the eastern coast of Canada. The Isles of Malminga is one of the oldest wine regions in the world, and it’s famous for its shiver-inducing shiver-inducing chocolates. If you’re a real die-hard chocolatier, you’ll probably make a series of shiver-inducing meringue dishes. The chocolatiers at this island’s many cafes do a great job of keeping their customers shiver-free, and you should be able to tell right away that these chocolates are made for the cold weather.


If you’re into big, powerful, wildcats with a demanding schedule, you may enjoy the opportunity to hunt down one of these majestic animals. The nearly extinct black and white moose are easy to find in northern Ontario and Quebec, so you may be lucky and spot one just sitting there looking at you. The big black and white animals are often solitary animals, so it’s hard for you to get close to them in any quantity. Most wild moose are about 70 to 100 pounds, but some are as large as 200 to 250 pounds!

Jumpin’ Jacks

These are the Canadian super-giants, and if you like winged animals, you’ll like the jumpin’ jacks. These spectacular looking cats are also easy to spot because they are usually wearing high-heeled shoes. If you’ve got a naturalist friend you can send someof these wild critters to his or her doctor for examination, but otherwise you should be fine hunting these guys.

Big Cat Day

Do you ever wonder why big cats are so great as local wildlife? It might be because they are so friendly, they are always watching you, and they are gentle with the small children. They rarely attack, but when they do it’s on a big, innocent, and harmless scale. The three-to-five-year-old male black and white cheetah is an exception, as he is a very aggressive, ferociously hostile animal. If you’ve got a big problem with this big, bad, ferociously aggressive little fella, you may also like to consider the smaller, more wary cheetahs that call the rugged mountains of Africa their home.

Summing Up

The battle between man and the wild is a very Coliseum-like one, with both competitors coming to the final stage determined by whom they can’teat. The wild cat is the ultimate prize, and any effort to man up to the task is met with open arms and glowing reviews from the public. However, on the other side of the coin, anyone who don’t respect the wild cat’s unique role in our ecosystems is doing themselves a great disservice by following in the footsteps of their illustrious predecessors. It’s fascinating how a single act of defiance (or even a single sip of wine) can make or break a prospective wine investor’s decision. Once you’ve got your head around the whole thing, it’s really hard to complain. After all, wine isn’t just for people who like to drink—it can be the perfect accessory for any outdoor activity, whether it be a walk in the woods, a walk in the mountains, or a cup of coffee in the breakroom. So if you’re looking for a bright, refreshing drink that goes with everything, a strong cup of wine would be the perfect thing to introduce your friends to the world of wine.

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