Residential Air Conditioning; Key Factors That May Be Causing Inefficiency

When you have been in a room for a while, you rarely realize when it becomes too stuffy until someone else points it out. Air conditioning systems improve the air quality in an interior space. Often you may find your conditioner is not working as it should; this article takes you through some possible reasons for this.

We live in a time I like to call ‘the age of convenience and customer satisfaction.’ Companies provide a warranty for their products for up to 5 years after you purchase, which means you are really getting value for your money. If we are being brutally honest, technology is by far as excellent as it can be; it’s us who lack the know-how, in this case, to keep it working as it should, thus the frequent repairs.

So when you start to see that your air conditioner is not working as well as the sales agent promised it would, it may be time to inspect it. The following factors may be the problem;

Poor Installation

If you are purchasing from a reputable distributor, they should be able to recommend a professional installer for your air conditioner. Severe technical issues could arise due to bad installation, including a damaged condenser; if the condenser is unable to vent as it should, poor cooling is sure to happen.

Electrical issues may also arise, including wrong circuiting where the AC is unable to draw enough power to run properly

Lack of Maintenance.

It is wrong to think that after purchasing your conditioner, that’s it. A properly maintained conditioner can serve you up to 15 years.

Servicing twice a year is recommended, without which it could lead to a stream of performance issues. If you find your AC needing repairs more than twice a year, it is failing and may not serve you for longer.

Seer Rating May be Low

It must be frustrating to shoulder a high electricity bill for an energy-consuming air conditioner that is not performing. Seer rating is a ratio showing the amount of cooling by the AC and the electricity units consumed. According to air conditioner Kenya, the higher the seer rating, the better the cooling. To ensure efficiency with low energy consumption, ensure you are mindful of seer rating when making your purchase.

Air Filter Issue

Airflow is fundamental in any air conditioning system. When the air filter is dirty, it interferes with the airflow system and reduces efficiency. A monthly inspection and cleaning of the filter are necessary. The compatibility of the filter with the AC should not be ignored; a wrongly sized filter may contribute to inefficiency.

Thermostat Settings

Thermostat settings influence the energy consumption by the AC. If you don’t require as much cooling, you might consider regulating the thermostat to consume less energy. Programmable thermostats are also available, which enable energy conservation throughout the day.


Addressing the issues mentioned above means high-efficiency cooling while simultaneously conserving energy. Maintaining your air conditioner is among the crucial steps to prevent major repair issues. For more, check

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