Register Yourself With Kucoin In a Few Easy Steps

There are many crypto exchange platforms, but if you are looking for the best platform that offers the best security with access to more than 500 coins and many other valuable features with one of the lowest trading fees, then there is nothing better than KuCoin. It is the best platform, according to most experienced investors, and provides support for beginners as well. According to the report, one of every four crypto investors outside the United States uses the KuCoin for their crypto trading and investment, which tells a lot about its authenticity and services.

If you are willing to register on the KuCoin, then we are here to guide you through the process. So let’s have a trading account.

How To Sign Up For Kucoin?

There are two methods to sign up for KuCoin. You Can visit their official website on the browser if you are using a laptop or computer, or you can use their smartphone application to sign up for their account. There are no charges to make the account with crypto, and the process is also straightforward. These are the steps to do so:

Visit Their Platform

The first thing to do is to visit their platform. Make sure that you are on the correct website, as there can be scams or fake websites that can try to steal your information. On the screen, you will see the sign-up option. When you click on it, it will show you the privacy policy and terms of use. Please read them and accept them to proceed to the next step savefromnet .

Enter The Information

Now it will proceed to the page where you need to enter the details about your account. You will need to add the active email address and write the password for your account. Make sure you have a record of this information so you can easily log in later.

There is also the option of a referral code, and you can enter it to get the additional discount and offers. The referral code can be obtained through the KuCoin blogs or videos.

Verify The Account

When you press next, the app will send the verification email to your account, and you must have to verify the report to proceed. Check your inbox to see the KuCoin confirmation mail, and click on the link to sign in to the account automatically.

Additional Security

KuCoin is now ready to use, but there are limits on transactions and trading if you do not verify the account thoroughly. For complete verification, you must enter the KYC form. You will need proof of identity, such as an ID card, driving license, passport, etc., to verify on KYC. Also, you will need to use Google Authenticator on your device. All of these steps are taken to verify the security of the account.

There is a secret key that Google Authenticator will provide you so that you can recover the account. Now your account is ready to use.

Final Thoughts

KuCoin is among the best crypto trading platforms. There are many features associated with this, and you can find BTC price, ETH Price, and much more.

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