Questions to ask a tree care company before hiring them

Concerning tree care, some projects may be extremely big and dangerous and need professional help to maintain and keep the tree healthy. Hiring a tree care company has its risks. To get the most of your money and safeguard your interest, you should ask all the necessary questions from your tree care professional to ensure you understand the process and agree with their methodologies.

At Local Arborists, the company understands the clients’ requirements and suggests the best remedies for them. Get answers to all your questions during the hiring process.

What does the tree care company specialize in?

Before choosing a tree care company, it is essential to research the specific services they render. Some companies don’t offer the specialized services that you need. Hence, it is good to confirm beforehand. This will help you get the work done better and faster.

What type of tools and equipment do you need to perform the work?

As per your requirement, the equipment needs differ. All companies may not possess the major required tools. It is suggested to find the tools, machinery, and equipment a company has before hiring.

Does the company have property damage insurance?

Some functions like tree removal and emergency tree removal can be risky, even for the best tree service companies. Hence it is essential to verify if the tree care company you’re going to work with is licensed for your state and insured.

The company should be certified, insured, and experienced in rendering all types of services related to trees.

Does WSIB secure the workers?

Employers in Ontario need WSIB coverage for their employees. It offers employers legal security if an injury occurs at the workplace and offers injured workers compensation.

How much time will it take?

The answer relies on the job complexity. If a company promises a quick removal without assessing the work, they’re trying to sell you something. So, it is suggested to get the project assessed first and then ask for the time and effort it will need.

Do I require a permit?

Depending on your location and the type of tree you’re planning to remove or plant, you will need a permit to make such changes. A licensed arborist is needed to take care of your tree, trim it, remove it and check its health. They will explain to you the dangers and effective remedies for removing a tree.

How long have you been a part of this field?

Tree care companies are not something you can develop and master in a fortnight. It may take years of experience in the field and rigorous training to get a professional in it. You also need a team of professionals who possess the right skills to groom the trees and shrubs of your residential and commercial places. They will judge what action is in the interest of your tree and if it needs trimming or should be removed for the betterment of your backyard.

If you need professional arborists and tree experts for your tree, contact Local Arborists to get all types of services of the highest quality.

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