If you know the right tricks to pack the kitchen then it will make your relocation a million times easier and smoother. Packing up the entire kitchen is no small feat. This is the place where a lot of awkward shapes of items, fragile items, many small grocery items, and a lot of other miscellaneous items are present out there which you have to pack. There are also numerous numbers of little gadgets are available out there. One of the great tips to pack items is by hiring the best moving helpers who know the right techniques to pack these. If you want to pack items by yourself then you should have a proper strategy at first. If you are looking for the tips and then check out this guide:

Sort and organize the kitchen items

Just as you would do when packing other rooms of your house, similarly go through all the items present in your kitchen. It is not affordable to carry all items even the unnecessary ones to the new space. See what items you need for future use and what items according to you are not of any use. After sorting the essential and non-essential items, think of the ways you are going to dispose of the unwanted items. You can either sell them or donate them. If your kitchen items are in useable condition then you can also gift them to your friends or neighbors.

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Collect necessary packing supplies

Packing materials such as packing paper, sturdy boxes, plastic wraps, labeling markers, bubble wraps, packing tape, etc are required. Also to pack the glassware items you will need to get dividers to pack them appropriately eliminating the possibility of items shifting around when in transit. With proper packing supplies say goodbye to the broken and damaged dishes and thus, an extra amount of money being spent on replacing the items.

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Start with the packing process

You may be confused about where to start. Each item and drawer in the kitchen have its complications, but you’ll have to start with something.

Items you don’t use frequently 

Start sorting out items that are not of use and pack them earlier. Certain items that you can pack ahead of time when you know you are relocating are crystals, vessels, food containers, china sets, fragile items, cookbooks, and a lot of other items which you know you don’t use in your daily life kitchen.

It is important to keep it working a day before moving 

If you are thinking that you should wrap up the job packing kitchen and will eat the outside food till the moving day reaches you then this is the biggest mistake you are going to commit. It is impractical and eating the outside food could ruin your energy and you can’t even focus on other moving tasks. Though pack all the additional items keep it working till the last day and place all the items in just one cupboard of your daily use.

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Pots and pans

By using the right packing technique, you can minimize the number of moving boxes needed to store these particular kitchen items. Just place the smaller ones into the larger ones until you have four to five layers of these. Remember to wrap each pan and pot separately so that scratches and dings can be avoided. Once the bundle is prepared, place them into sturdy cardboard boxes, provide proper cushioning, and seal the boxes using packing tape.

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Wrap all the dishes like plates individually if you don’t want to get scratches on them. wrap the paper diagonally on each plate. Yes, you can also stack up many plates in one but wrap these tightly so they don’t get space to move during transportation. Having a layer of packing paper in all of them is also great. Use this technique for bowls, glasses, and other utensils present.

Electronic kitchen appliances

There are many electronic appliances in the kitchen such as coffee makers, microwave, toaster, mixture, refrigerator, stove, and many more. These items require special attention and care to pack and move them safely and securely. In the case of the stove, many parts can be removed to make it lighter and thus, easier to pack and shift. Remember to turn the gas off before disconnecting the gas stove. Always clean your kitchens appliances before packing them.

Food items

Clean out your refrigerator one day before and even start the process a week before. You should not buy the new one and should use the items which are remaining in the refrigerator. Also, stop buying new food items.


Packing the kitchen requires more time than you think therefore start the process ahead of time so you can save yourself from the last-minute hurry. Also, you can get the help of the moving companies in doing numerous moving tasks along with kitchen packing. Using the above guide will also make the process simpler.

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