Posho Mill Buying Guide in Kenya

The ability to read and understand the pricing techniques of the posho mill is considered very important but would you like to know more about the machine?
Taking time will help your research.

In Kenya, posho mills are made by those jua kali sectors and the imported machines are also available. As a buyer, you have the type of desire. Several Posho mill machines come with various special qualities and features.

The following are the points to note:

Types of posho mills available in Kenya. 

There are several updates in technological types of equipment in Kenya. Taking a look at the

new invention in milling machines before checking on the posho mill prices in Kenya, we

realize that we have two types of milling machine: Posho mill machine using petrol second

electric milling machine.

The companies making the posho mill are all making the mentionedtypes.

Role done by the posho mills 

The core value for having the posho mill is to serve both domestic roles and commercial roles.

These services are checked because of the intended quality you may want. The price to acquire

The posho mill in Kenya is highly influenced by the service needed by the buyer.

We have the grade 1 posho milling machines, grade 2 posho milling machines, and the combined

grades. Grade one produces the high standard soft flour: it has two grinding chambers of which

the flour passes through before it is out for use. Grade two only does the process from one

grinding chamber.

The combination of the two can work either as grade one or as grade one. Through the given

reasons you can now realize that posho mill prices in Kenya are dependant on role also. Posho

mill is a very important tool in Kenya but before you purchase one consider researching to know

all the above already mentioned points.

Are you among the people who need these posho mill machines?

Posho mill machine will not gate outdated this is because the main staple food for Kenya is

maize flour among many other agricultural products. Taking a keen interest in why you may

need one, there are both domestic milling activities done by the person or an institution for the

purpose not to make money with it but to save.

Another important reason is for commercial purposes.

You may start the posho milling project to

offer services to the community by being paid. This business can work in areas where maize

growing is applicable if you need much income.

The price of the posho mill

Now that I have talked about the posho mill into such length, it is very important to consider

discussing the price. In Kenya, this 2021 posho mill is at a better price compared to the prices

estimations done some years back.

The diesel or petrol posho mill is sold at Kenya shillings 130,000 while the electric posho mill is

sold at Kenya shillings 150,000. The grade 1 type is a bit expensive compared to grade two

posho milling machines. Grade 1 and 2 combination is the most expensive but it is said that

nothing can be unaffordable to everyone.


The posho mill operation is viable in the country as long as you chose the right type and know the specific market you are want to venture. If you require commercial milling service

Provision, consider a roller mill.

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