Pick The Best Commercial Tyres for Your Vehicle

Tyres are one of the most essential parts of a vehicle, especially commercial ones. No matter which vehicle you are using, tyres are the first components that directly come in contact with all sorts of road cracks, stones, water, potholes, and speed bumps. Tyres absorb all bumps caused by road degradation and aquaplaning so that you have better control and performance over your steering. Be it a heavy freight truck or a small commercial van you cannot compromise your safety and performance by using a tyre that has compromised tread. 

If your vehicle’s performance is reduing and your control over steering is being compromised, it’s time to change your tyres. Whether you are a business owner or have a fleet of commercial vehicles, Maxxis Tyres is the one-stop destination for all kinds of commercial tyres.

Best Commercial Tyres

Following is the range of commercial tyres that will be best for your vehicles to ensure efficient handling, safety, and performance.


Built with a unique tread block arrangement Maxxis VanSmart MCV3+ is the best pick for light trucks to ensure you have perfect control over your steering, especially in wet conditions, protecting the vehicle from aquaplaning. Engineered with durable high-quality rubber, MCV3+ ensures excellent on-road stability taking your vehicle’s performance and safety to the next level. 


Being a premium quality light truck tyre, Maxxis MCV5 is designed with truck and bus tyre engineering expertise to enhance the driving performance of your commercial vans and utes. The tread’s depth of 8.4 mm gives excellent control over your steering in all weather conditions. A variable depth sipe design and continuous ‘3D’ wave circumferential grooves provide great aquaplaning resistance and excellent stone ejection to slow the wear pattern.


Known to be the best commercial tyres, the Maxxis CR966 is designed for light trucks such as trailers and small around-town commercial vehicles. Its puncture resistance feature complemented with strong build quality gives a prolonged life to the type while ensuring outstanding handling and performance on all roads.


Featured with zig-zag tread grooves for faster water evacuation and greater stability, the Maxxis UE100 is the premium commercial tyre for light trucks and commercial vans. The spiral cap construction of UE100 ensures phenomenon speed and stability, while the tread compound formulation provides good abrasion resistance. 


Designed with extra strong casing the Maxxis UR275 is among the best puncture and abrasion-resistant commercial tyres, providing excellent handling, maneuverability, and stability to the drivers. Being the best all-position truck tyre it is designed with an advanced tread compound for excellent on-road stability, prolonging the tyre life by reducing wear and tear and heat build-up.

Final Words

Maxxis’ commercial tyres are built with high-quality rubber to further your driving experience be it a light truck, commercial van, or ute. Pick the best one that matches your requirement to ensure the safety, performance, and durability of your vehicle that will also help you to take your business ahead. Whether you have a commercial light truck, bus, or van, Maxxis has the best match for your all needs to prolong the life of your tyre and vehicle.

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