Our visit to the best casino in Goa – Majestic Pride Casino

Traveling to Goa and looking forward to experiencing its best nightlife and casino experiences? Then visit the Majestic Pride Casino. We recently visited this place during our last trip to Goa and fell in love with it. You can enjoy good food, music, drinks, and the best casino games, this luxury trip is all about celebrating and having fun. Want to know more about our experience?

Live Events

Located on the River Mandovi, this place offers live events like Bollywood-themed dance parties, live dance performances, etc. You can get a nice mix of entertaining performances and special gigs on Christmas, New Year, and other festivals. The music is both Indian and international and the live performances are definitely enjoyable. Watching these entertaining performances while sipping a cocktail was the highlight of the evening for us.


Being the best offshore casino in Goa, this place offers you an exciting night of games and fun too. From American Roulette, Baccarat, Flush & Black Jack, you can double up your money and get loaded too!


We also enjoyed a whole array of exciting dishes during our time here. Unlimited alcoholic beverages were served at all times while we played some games at the table. An entertainment room was also available for kids between 9 to 11 pm in the dining area which was looked after by professional and experienced care takers. This separate area allows kids to enjoy and have a good time while you are playing the best casino games in Goa. Neo-Majestic hotel, part of the Majestic Group of Hotels & Casinos, offers luxurious accommodation and is also known as one of the best casino hotels in Goa. So, you can end your day on a good note!

Entry Fees

The entry fees to enter the best casino in Goa is not as expensive as you’d expect. Their charges start from as low as 1500 rupees for adults. This includes a delicious food buffet, including house brand alcoholic beverages, vouchers, etc. On weekends, the cost goes up to 2000 rupees. You can also play 500 rupees if you want your kids to enjoy the fun games at the kids zone.

Courteous & Friendly Staff

Throughout our time at the casino, the staff were very warm and helpful. They greeted us with a very warm and happy smile which made us feel at home. Moreover, any issues or concerns were promptly looked upon by the staff members.

Overall, we can say that Majestic Pride Casino is one of the best casinos in Goa. Here, you can enjoy fun-filled and amazing facilities which have the best facilities you shouldn’t miss out on.

We highly recommend you visit this place on your next trip to Goa. Located by the Mandovi jetty, this place offers stunning views, unforgettable service and a gaming experience you would not want to miss out on! So, if you really want to have fun, take our piece of advice and visit this place soon!

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