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Everyone has an opinion on clothing and commonly, clothing always affects the first impression of people. It is somewhat true but it lacks an entirely accurate meaning. Your clothing is something that puts the first impression upon people’s judgment. If including clothing along with your shoes and accessories, then the statement becomes complete. It will state a true meaning, the style of your clothing will give your first impression a boost if dressed well according to the occasion.

To test this theory, let us have an assumption. If you are wearing the right clothes such as formal wear for your first day in office. You are looking as elegant as you could be with your formals. But you pair it up with eye-catching shoes that are not appropriate with formal clothing. The whole outfit will be affected by the wrong choice of shoes. They are giving the first impression that you don’t know how to dress to impress.

This assumption and statement define two things. You can’t ignore your choice of shoes while you wish to get fashion-trendy. You can’t only concentrate on clothing items, ignoring the selection of the shoes you wear while you dress.

Mixing formal and casual for classy look:

As mentioned in our paragraph, it has many dimensions. The first state we learn is that we can’t ignore shoes while completing our outfits with elegant clothing. Shoes are an essential part of our wardrobe and outfit.

Many people look at our bottoms first, then our outfits, to judge the class and taste of fashion.

It also indicates how sincere you are about style.

1. Nowadays, a recent trend has come out that indicates that mixing formal and casual dressing styles will give you a new class and a sense of leadership.

2. This trend also strengthens your mixing capabilities and prevents you from going basic.

3. Opting for Men’s Casual Shoesis a no joke when it comes to mixing the style of casual and formal, creating a trendy look.

4. Leather shoes are in trend because of this culture that gives an elegant look to men who want to mix up fashion, following the new trend.


Many people out there are getting affected by this Trend. This trend is making a signature move that will mark 2020 in the future.

Be wise and get the best style shoes for yourself that define you instead of defining any Trend.

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