Knox Wire Unveils a Unique RTGS Network

The finance industry is one of the lucrative sectors, and businesses in it are competing to remain on top.

As a business owner, it is crucial that you find ways to achieve this objective and create a reputable brand to attract the best talent, clients, and investors. Having healthy business relationships with other institutions within the finance industry is one of the ways to stay reputable. You can do so by streamlining all procedures in your organization, including using efficient systems to send payments locally and overseas.

Although there are other existing payment systems like Swift and Ripplenet, Knox Wire has also recently launched a Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) network that will dominate the finance industry. It combines the best options in the market today, thus facilitating real-time transactions as well as same-day offline payments for eligible institutions globally. 

Keep in mind that Knox Wire was unveiled in January 2022 and is currently led by its CEO Stephen McCullah. Since its unveiling, the network has been growing rapidly, and to date, it has thousands of institutions onboarding. Additionally, there are other pending requests indicating that it has set plans and strategies to improve the way businesses transact. On top of that, Knox Wire features two systems in its RTGS network, namely Knox Quantum and Knoxnet. 

Knox Quantum helps with the near-instant transactions that happen in seconds. Regarding cross-border payments, they are completed within the same day.

Based on extensive research, this transaction period is short compared to what’s with other service providers. Businesses that have already onboarded the system have increased business growth due to more opportunities. It is also easier for them to manage their employees, thus witnessing reduced employee turnovers.

On top of that, investors are streaming in due to increased revenue that keeps you in the limelight. It features Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), a protocol that allows the secure performance of decentralized digital databases. Also, Knox Wire partners with various institutions within its network, thus maximizing their income due to reduced exchange rates and transaction costs. Furthermore, there is an option for eligible institutions to use the intermediary currency option, Gold Secured Currency (GSX), to maintain the value of their assets on the system.

Is the Future Bright for Knox Wire?

Knox Wire undoubtedly has growth potential, considering that it has managed to onboard thousands of users since January when it was launched. The system has cutting-edge technology, and there are no stringent limitations like paying upfront fees to eligible members. The commissions companies incur are also low, attracting even small businesses that cannot afford expensive systems for efficient global money transfers.

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Having a system that allows you to transact plenty of currencies gives you the flexibility you need to complete the process. Knox Wire enables money transfers using hundreds of currencies across diverse countries globally. With an AI-powered communication tool, you are also guaranteed efficiency, transparency and trust. So, what else can you be looking for in a money transfer network? Try Knox Wire today and take your business operations to another level.

Avoid slow and Omni-directional messaging during transactions by signing up for the Knox Wire plan. The best element about this system is that it has the capability of integrating with almost all mainstream banking systems.

Furthermore, Knox Wire has a dedicated team at your beck and call to aid in the system maintenance and integration. With it, your needs for cross-border and local transactions are fully catered for.

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