Keep Your Look Fresh in 2023

2022 was one of those years where the beauty industry was dominated by the trend of the “no makeup makeup” look. With the entire world still recovering from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pared-down beauty concept and routines were a major hit this year.

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However, experts in the industry think that times will change very soon. The beauty industry is extremely dynamic and versatile and a number of trends rise and subside each year. According to the experts, 2023 will be a year when people will go back to the trend of the “full glam” look. Renowned makeup artists and beauty experts have suggested that 2023 will be marked by endless possibilities.

In the next part of this article, we will talk about some intriguing trends which are expected to take over the beauty industry in 2023. If you want to keep looking fresh and chic, then these are the trends that you must be aware of, for the upcoming year.

Top Beauty Trends To Help You Look Fresh And Glam In 2023

Here are the top beauty trends which you need to hold on to in 2023. These trends are going to be hot in the year ahead and will help you keep looking fresh and stay on top of your “beauty” game.

Tinted sunscreen

Tinted sunscreen will be used for everyday makeup spot concealing and this will be a big 2023 trend, according to a renowned professional makeup artist. It can then be covered with a medium-coverage foundation to make the skin perfect for going out.


This is a newly-coined term that is all about promoting a minimalistic approach to beauty products used by people. Brands in the industry are focusing on sustainability in packaging. Most brands are promoting all-in-one products,  and “skinimalism” is one of those trends that is very likely to become a 2023 trend, according to a 2021 world-leading consumer trend forecaster WGSN.

Consumers are also likely to reject the idea of a multi-step skin and makeup regimen. Instead, they would rather go for more simple-step products.

Bleached Brows

This one is a popular as well as a controversial trend from 2022, and it is likely to stay consistent in 2023. Top celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Lizzo, Bella, Julia Fox, and Gigi Hadid, have adopted the trend of bleached brows in the past. This look can be won with confidence and attention to the eyes.

Metallic Eyelids

In recent times, Y2K grunge and rave trends are coming back into popularity and the year 2023 will be witnessing an extensive use of metallic. A number of brands are making their models wear metallic lids in recent times. If you are concerned about your nails, you can also polish your nails with organic nail polish in Australia.

Final Thoughts

Last but not the least, it goes without saying that the beauty industry will see a range of other trends in 2023 but these will be the hottest ones and will be consistent throughout the year. So, if you want to keep the fresh look in 2023 and want to rock the perfect look, make sure you keep up with these trends.

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