Is It Easy to Migrate To South Africa?

Many individuals outside of South Africa probably only have a hazy idea of what modern-day South Africa is like. For a long time, the only thing most people understood about South Africa was apartheid and that this government-backed system enforced racial segregation.

Thankfully, it is in the past, and the country has been working hard to improve its reputation abroad.

Obtaining a visa is essential if you want to go to South Africa permanently. Visas may be accepted for various reasons, including jobs, education, and travel. An immigration evaluation with an international law firm specializing in visas is the best approach to determine whether you are eligible for one of these visas.

With a focus on global immigration law, the company is a go-to for clients all around the world. However, there is a process that must be followed, just as it does when immigrating to any other nation. As a result, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to help make your transition to life in South Africa as easy and stress-free as possible.

Why You Should Move to South Africa

Seeing the wide variety of wildlife and landscapes in South Africa is a major perk of emigrating to South Africa. Many people call it “A World in One Country,” and with good reason. There are 1,600 miles of coastline, beginning in Namibia and the Atlantic Ocean and continuing around Africa’s southernmost point at Cape Agulhas into the Indian Ocean, and finally ending at the Mozambican border.

Furthermore, South Africans have a global reputation for being among the warmest and most hospitable people everywhere. There will always be a kind face to meet you, and someone to provide a hand anytime you need it. In addition, the country’s varied landscapes include some of the world’s most stunning and undeveloped stretches of coastline, rolling mountain ranges, lush forests, and desert sky that turn gorgeous hues of amber at sunset.

Likewise, South Africa’s private healthcare system is on par with the very finest systems in both Europe and the United States. There are several options for medical assistance programs, top-notch medical facilities, and highly trained medical professionals.

Additionally, South Africa has been a popular destination for British expats due to its inexpensive cost of living, incredible wildlife, and mild temperature.

Best of all, there is no need for expats to worry about day-to-day communication difficulties since English is the official language of South Africa. And because there are 11 official languages spoken in South Africa, learning the language won’t be an issue while settling there.

Getting a Visa to South Africa

Getting a visa for South Africa may be a challenging process. For instance, if you are a citizen of a country that requires a tourist visa, you may visit a South African port of entry and have an immigration officer decide whether you are permitted to enter South Africa and for how long. Visas only allow visitors to participate in the event or pursue the goal for which they were granted. Visas for tourists typically last for 90 days.

When contemplating working in South Africa, most international applicants will submit an application for a General Work Visa. For a limited time, you will be able to work in South Africa with the help of this permit, which also grants you temporary residence. You need a job offer before applying for this visa. Your company must show that they made reasonable efforts to find a qualified local applicant but were unable.

Doing so will demonstrate to the Department of Home Affairs that qualified local applicants are not available for the post. Your potential employer will often apply for your visa, which may take up to 90 days.

The approval process often takes no more than a few days. The time it takes to get a visa might vary based on the sort of visa you’re applying for. For instance, if a Nigerian citizen wishes to go to South Africa for a short period of time, they must apply for a visa at the nearest South African embassy.


Indeed, you too may pack up and start a new life in South Africa, where the cost of living is cheaper, the people are kind and welcoming, and the weather is pleasant.

Meanwhile, South Africa’s high unemployment rate of 28.18 percent in 2019 is something to think about. As a result, finding work as an expat in South Africa might be challenging unless you possess the requisite skills and experience. Nevertheless, the government of South Africa has made it very easy for nationals of a great many countries to travel to and visit the country for tourist purposes.

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