Is a Magnetic Screen Door Worth It?

It is that time of year again! We are back to having that perfect weather where you can finally leave your door open and let in the fresh summer breeze. Unfortunately – SPLAT! Everything else gets in too, mainly…BUGS.

No matter where you live or what type of doors you have in your home or apartment, everyone can benefit from adding on a magnetic screen door. You may be thinking of installing a screen door made at home, but that can be difficult and time consuming.

If you purchase something pre-made, it is likely going to be expensive.

A magnetic screen door can be the answer you are looking for. It will save you time and frustration with easy installation. The best thing will be that you no longer need to worry about an influx of bugs every time you want to enjoy the spring and summer air!

Easy to Install

It is safe to assume that most of us have no idea how to “make” a customized screen door that will keep bugs out of our home and allowing a nice breeze to pass through. We all seek an affordable, temporary solution that is easy to install.

Who wants to spend a summer Saturday by using up the hours to install a complicated screen door, when a magnetic one can be set-up in minutes. Yes – minutes! For that reason alone, a magnetic screen door is worth your consideration.

One of the best things about the magnetic screen door is it can be customized with a very minimal amount of tools. By working on all types of doors, you can rest assured that there won’t be a return due to having measured incorrectly (hey, we are all human).

After you clean and prep the doorframe itself, put the screen together by attaching the magnets. All that is required is for you to hold it up to size it to your door. Resizing with scissors is easy if needed, otherwise all you have to do is use the tape and tacks to secure it into place!

A magnetic screen door is definitely worth the time you will save with a quick installation. There is also an under rated benefit to a magnetic screen door – it is temporary and can be removed as easily as it was set-up!

Works For You, Not Against You

There is nothing more frustrating than having to open and close the door in the summer. Let’s face it, we are going in and out with our arms loaded with food, children or pets, so a screen door is almost useless anyway. However, a magnetic screen door changes that scenario by working for you, not against you.

Magnets are such a wonderful invention. They are strong and durable enough to hold the screen together (keeping all creepy crawlies and flies out), but with the convenience of hands-free walk-through. The best part is the screen closes automatically behind you, just keep walking!

The magnetic screen door works great with pets and children too. It is far safer for them to run through a magnetic screen door. There is no worry about fingers, or puppy tails being pinched, and no more dropping or spiling while trying to open the door again!

Tons of happy customers will tell you that a magnetic screen door has made life easier in various ways. Some are relieved their pets can go in and out on their own, making potty training much easier. They are also safer for children to run through, avoiding having to open and close doors. For those reasons alone, a magnetic screen door is worth your time!

Bugs Be Gone

What do you really want a magnetic screen door for? To keep bugs out! As we have already talked about, a traditional screen door isn’t that effective in keeping bugs away, especially since they have to be held open.

A magnetic screen door opens and closes automatically so there is very little chance of bugs swarming into the house. The durable mesh can survive harsh elements and keep bugs out all year long. Mosquitoes and flies are likely the most despised and common critters that require a screen door, and a magnetic one will definitely surprise you.

For all the benefits a magnetic screen door provides, they are definitely worth it! The design allows for an easy and quick installation with any type of door and will actually work! Not only will it keep out bugs, but it will allow hands-free entry and exit with automatic closure behind you, your children and your pets!

Magnetic screen doors have received rave reviews on Amazon, and are considered a great investment for all that they provide. Protect your home and peace of mind – try one today.

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