Installing Shatterproof Safety Film on Aluminium Windows and Doors in Cape Town

To install shatterproof safety film on aluminium windows or doors in Cape Town, there are several ways to go about it. Here are three simple methods to consider: Daylight, Mechanical, and Reuse. For best results, follow the instructions in the instructions manual carefully. If you have a little extra time, you can also install the film on a spare window. Read on to learn more.

Daylight method

The Daylight method for installing shatterproof safety window film on aluminium windows and doors in Cape Town involves applying the film to the glass directly. Then, it is anchored onto the frame with the use of an adhesive sealant. In the long run, this is more effective than the Wet method, as it provides a better bond between the film and frame. However, the film can have a negative effect on the aesthetic appeal of the window, which is why special products are available to hide the adhesive sealant.

Daylight application is the simpler of the two methods. It involves applying fragment retention window film on the vision area of the glass. This film holds the fragments together, but does not significantly increase the blast resistance of the glazing system. The strength of glass itself is only A 1/2 to 1 psi, so if a shard breaks off, the resulting shards could push into a room or be sucked out of it.

The Daylight method for installing shatterproof safety film on aluminium windows and doors in Cape Town. It involves leaving a small gap between the film and window frame. The film provides a passable level of protection, but it isn’t enough to prevent an aggressive intruder from entering the premises. A more advanced method involves bonding the film to the window frame using metal battens or special devices.

Mechanical method

Unlike traditional glass guards, which require a metal structure to keep them intact, security window film is completely breakable. It provides time to flee a potential danger by obscuring the view but allows some light to enter the window. The film is attached to the window frame with adhesive strips, but it is only as strong as the window frame. In the case of a bomb blast, window film may be combined with solar control films, which significantly lower HVAC costs. Both types of window film come with lifetime warranties from 3M, as well as a 10-year warranty for commercial buildings.

Besides adhering to the window frame, anchored window film installation is another way to secure the window security film. This method uses special adhesive sealant to create a strong bond between the film and the window frame. However, improperly installed security window film can affect the look of the window. Professional installers know how to conceal the adhesive with other materials. For best results, choose an installer who is knowledgeable and experienced in this field.

The most common method of installation is the daylight method, which involves leaving a small gap between the window security film and its frame. It is the easiest method to use, but only offers a passable level of protection for most properties. However, it cannot protect the window against bomb blasts. The mechanical method is more complex, requiring metal battens and special devices to secure the film to the window frame.


The Reuse method for installing shatterproof security film on aluminium windows and doors in Cape Town is an excellent choice for people living in buildings with first floors. The film is micro-layered and can hold glass fragments in place. It is highly effective at preventing glass from shattered, shattering and splintering during an incident.

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