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Technology has become a rescuer in today’s fast-paced society, but it has also overwhelmed us at times. The majority of our everyday duties are now completed using our cellphones. However, for these chores to run smoothly, you’ll need a healthy device and protection from the Internet’s various risks. The smoothness of our functions is disrupted as a result of all the clutter and rubbish that collects, leaving us with headaches and impending deadlines.

There are a lot of apps on the market that can assist us handle these challenges separately, but there aren’t many that combine many services into one. Among all of these, iClean Apk stands out. The simplicity and elegance of the interface are the first things that strike you when you start the app. There is a cute robot guide, that accompanies you throughout the use of the app, providing you with a futuristic and fun filled experience, while using this app. Its user-friendly design conceals a plethora of free services that will ensure the proper operation of your device.

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Features of iClean

On the Home page you find four main functions:

  • Memory boost: which aids in the removal of all unwanted data from your RAM.
  • AntiVirus: will keep your device safe from the most recent threats, and will allow you to run a comprehensive device scan whenever and anywhere you want.
  • CPU Cooler: is a lifesaver in any situation where your equipment is at risk of becoming overheated.
  • Phone Cleaning: identifies the unneeded caches, leftover rubbish, unused programs, obsolete APK, and duplicate files that fill up your storage space in a simple and categorized method.

On the Common features page, you will see two subsections:

  • Performance enhancement, which provides a set of tools to ensure that your device works to the best of its capabilities:
  • Battery Saver: lists out the battery draining apps, and gives you the option of putting into hibernation certain apps that use up too much of your device’s battery.
  • Game Booster: makes sure your device is optimized to help you have the best gaming experience.
  • Space optimization :
  • AppLock: Identifies the apps that have risks to leak privacy and helps you set passwords to protect these apps.
  • Deep Clean: Shows you the duplicate files, the infrequently used apps, and the other useless images and videos on your device, that can then be deleted to free up space.visit here to know more information :  ynewsworld36
  • App Manager: helps you manage all the apps on your device.
  • Image Manager: Shows you, all the similar images, Screenshots and Videos that can be deleted to free up space.
  • WhatsApp Cleaner: an easy and quick way to clean up WhatsApp, without even opening that app.

Download iClean APK

You can directly download this apk file from Play Store for free. If not, you can use app stores like AC Market. AC Market offers all most all Android apps and games for free. You can search and download apk files using AC Market. No need to search whole over the internet.

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AC Market also available for Windows 11. Now you can directly install and use Android apps on Windows 11 for free.
Instead of using Amazon app store, now you can use AC Market Windows 11 to install any Android app or game for free.

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