How to Take a Great Over the Shoulder Butt Selfie

If you’ve ever had trouble taking an over the shoulder butt selfie, you may be wondering how you can get it just right. Well, there are rules to take the perfect butt selfie, and here are some tips. Taking the picture correctly means using natural light and posing in a window-filled room. Avoid harsh artificial lighting because it will result in harsh shadows and colors Webshots. Additionally, make sure you’re shooting from a low angle to make your butt look larger.

The first step to capturing a great over the shoulder butt selfie is to set yourself up for success. You can either stand in front of a mirror. To do the “over the shoulder” selfie, you need to raise your right leg and lean against your left hip.

To get a great photo, you can also wear cute underwear. You can even wear the thongs that show off your butt while giving you a cover 3net.

You should always try to look confident when taking a selfie. Don’t rest your head on your shoulder, or else you might end up with chipmunk cheeks. Make sure you smile naturally, instead of trying to fake a laugh.

This way, your selfie will look silly. This technique works better for women than men. So, if you want a sexier selfie, follow these tips and you’ll have more fun with your photos.

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