How To Style Your Sarongs

Sarongs are an excellent choice for vacations or day trips to the beach. They won’t break the bank and won’t take up much room in your suitcase. Although traditionally associated with female attire, males are not excluded from donning these accessories. It has two distinct styles: There are two distinct styles: the flat sheet sarong and the tube-shaped Indonesian sarongs.

Selecting Appropriate Accents

To avoid clashing, solid colours and patterns should be worn together.

Experiment with pairing patterned sarongs with a solid swimsuit or vice versa. It is recommended that the solid colour be matched with one of the colours already present in the pattern or design. Keeping this in mind will help you avoid any potential conflicts.

It’s best to avoid matching solid-coloured sarongs and tops.

This will make you and your sarong blend in rather than stand out if you must wear it with an outfit that is all one solid colour, spice things up with a unique belt, pendant, or other items.

Don’t wear pattern on pattern.

Wearing patterned sarongs with a patterned top or bottom is not recommended. In contrast to solids, wearing nothing but patterns will result in an overcrowded appearance. In addition, you risk having clashing patterns and looking like everyone else if you wear it with your attire.

An excellent choice for covering up when heading to the beach or the pool.

They provide the ideal protection for the short distance from your vehicle or hotel room to the pool or beach. Some sarongs are see-through, so be aware of that. Please don’t purchase it until you can put your hand behind it to see whether it makes you feel more comfortable. In other words, if onlookers can see your hand, they can see your bathing suit.

  • Don’t pair white sarongs with a black bikini if you want to avoid looking like a clown. Clear sarongs are impossible to wear since they are white.
  • A long dress may be made from sarongs, especially one with a pattern.

As the sun goes down, wrap yourself in sarongs and enjoy.

Your day at the beach or pool can keep going, and you might find yourself far into the night. It might be too chilly for a bikini but too warm for a pullover. Wrapping yourself with sarongs is the perfect way to stay toasty while enjoying the outdoors.

Belt up your sarongs for safety.

Wearing a belt with your sarongs might help prevent it from sliding off accidentally. Wear the belts on your hips if you wear them as a skirt. Wear its belt around your waist or the minor section of your body if you’re planning on wearing it as a dress. If you do this, you can reduce the amount of loose material.

If you want to look stylish, buy a sarong tie.

Anything with two holes is often made of plastic, metal, or wood. Tighten your sarong by threading the four corners through the corresponding holes. With no need for cumbersome knots, it will stay in place.

Wear sarongs with earthy, bohemian, or natural jewellery.

Leather sandals, belts, woven caps, and seashell necklaces look wonderful with sarongs. Vintage hippie accessories with plenty of beading, embroidered, feather, or metal ornaments are another option. Sarongs look excellent with accessories like woven hats, seashell necklaces, and leather shoes and belts.

Make a vest out of a sarong.

In a horizontal fold, the sarong’s thin ends should meet. Make a knot at the top of each corner. Bring your knot toward the top of the fold, and tie it again. To wear the sarongs vest, place the knotted end at your back and put your arms through the holes or loops.

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