How to Prevent Foundation Repair Cracks in Garland TX

Can you guess what the most common foundation problem is? Water, of course. To keep your house from getting flooded and causing any damage or issues in that area, there should be good drainage around it, so water doesn’t pool up near where you’re building something new on top like a patio, etc. But even if we do have excellent weathering surrounding us, remember how essential regular maintenance is because nothing will stop those pesky leaks overnight.

Installation of Downspout Extension

One of the most overlooked areas in landscaping is rainwater runoff. Downspouts are often too short, causing them to dump water next door or on your foundation, which can lead to cracking and other problems down the line! That’s why extensions make such an excellent solution. They’re very inexpensive (usually less than $100), quick/easy to install with no tools needed.

When you connect it to installing new paving stones around any area where there will be standing water after heavy rains. Well, let’s say anything that disrupts this chain reaction gets funneled away from being damaging instead.

Installation of Bubbler Pot

The first thing that happens when water hits the bubbler pot is it pops up and distributes into another pipe. In the next step, an underground line fills with rainwater from below your property as it travels around corners before flowing out onto grass or other plants somewhere away from where you live.

Installation of Exterior Drain Tile

Perimeter drains work by taking excess water in the soil and channeling it away from your foundation, ensuring that no more than 1 inch of standing water can accumulate on top. They are installed at a footer level around the outside for maximum effectiveness.

Installation of Interior Drain Tile

Interior drain tiles work the same way as exterior ones. They make sure your foundation doesn’t get oversaturated with water, leading to settlement and even structural damage in some cases.

Tiles can be used on both exterior and interior walls. They help keep water from seeping into the soil, which is bad for plants because of root rot or other problems caused by having too much moisture nearby.

Maintaining an above-ground pool requires regular maintenance like keeping filter cartridges in your toilet tank to prevent clogging up with waste products over time; however, these same precautions should also apply when caring for outdoor flowers.


Many people believe that foundation cracks are a sign of severe damage to your home. However, if you catch the problem early enough, there is no need for alarm. Many companies in Garland, TX, can help identify what’s causing the crack and offer solutions to prevent them from expanding into more costly repairs. If you have noticed any signs of cracking around your property, contact us today to inspect it as soon as possible.

With a few simple tricks, you can prevent foundation repair garland cracks from developing in your home. These tips will help keep the structural integrity of your house intact and ensure that it lasts for many years to come. Give them a try.

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