How to Choose the Right Background Music for Promo Videos

In order to be successful online, you’ll need to include video in your strategy at some point. Whether you’re creating a product demo or trying to drive traffic to your site, video content can help you succeed at any of these tasks.

If you’re thinking it’s time to get more inspiration, there’s never been a better opportunity to do just that online. But before you go ahead and make a video, you’ll want to choose the right background music. This guide will give you some advice on how to do just that!

Choosing your track

There are many ways to approach selecting background music. The first thing you need to do is make a video. After that, it’s simply a matter of finding your song.

Good places to look include YouTube, Amazon, and iTunes. But remember that you can use just about any song in your promo video. Creative licensing agreements will allow you to use almost any track if you follow certain guidelines (namely, give credit where credit is due).

That’s all there is to it.

Avoid Unnatural Voice-Overs

Having a great script is one thing, but having a monotone voice-over can completely ruin your promo video.

This is why it’s important to choose background music that compliments your promotional video and that you’re comfortable speaking over the top of it.

Remember, you’ll be hearing it again and again as you make edits so don’t go overboard on anything too distracting or extreme.

Most importantly, make sure your voice-over sounds natural!

You want to sound like yourself!

With all these tips in mind, finding a suitable background track shouldn’t be difficult at all.

Show your personality


Chances are, you’re not launching your promo video into a vacuum. It’s just one piece of content in a much larger business ecosystem, so you want it to reflect your company’s personality.

If your target audience is going to spend any significant amount of time on (or watching) your video, they should feel like they already know you—and have background music that says we’re cool and personable!

Make sure that whether you choose upbeat or slow-paced music, people will still be able to hear what you have to say; no one wants to lose out on their call-to-action because their speakers were too busy playing I Gotta Feeling.

Okay, maybe some companies would benefit from having Redfoo singing in every one of their videos, but don’t go overboard! You need something that complements your brand—not something that fights with it.

Make sure you convey your message

Always remember that, whether you’re talking about video or audio or a combination of both, your background music must support and enhance your message when you make a video.

If you play around with a few different tunes and find one that makes your voice sound weak and boring, go back to square one.

You don’t want listeners distracted by how good (or bad) they think you are at singing—you want them listening to what you have to say.

That said, if you take too long to choose, nobody will listen at all! With practice and experience, you’ll learn how to balance your lyrics with background music so they work together in harmony.

Until then… well, ask yourself:

  • Does it inspire people?
  • Is it funny?
  • Does it reflect my brand?

These are great questions to keep in mind as you consider potential backdrops when you begin to make a video.

After a while, you may even get better at choosing from among dozens of options without breaking out into a sweat.

But until then…do your research.

Read up on past examples; talk to other producers and singers; watch some tutorials online; discuss it with friends who know more than you do—and go with your gut instinct.

The more comfortable you become discussing what works and doesn’t work, the easier it will be to decide on something great when it comes time to hit record.

Practice makes perfect!

Final Thoughts


The first thing you need to think about when choosing background music is why yo began tio make a video in the first place.

If you are running an informational campaign, chances are you have a specific message that’s being conveyed through your video.

To make sure that message comes across clearly, make sure your song reflects it.

It may take some trial and error before you find a piece of music that fits perfectly with your brand and its vision, but once you do, it will work wonders for your bottom line.

So, are you ready to start your search for the right background music?

Use this guide and you’ll be sure to find the best track!

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