How Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs are Unique from Others?

The Maharashtrian jewellery is the pride of every person, who lives in the state and loves to follow religious customs. The region is rich in its cultural value, unique designs, and art that is famous around the world. Maharashtrian jewellery designs are unique and different from the jewellery designs from other parts of the country. Each design has some religious belief and is carrying the legacy of ancient culture. When a Marathi bride gets ready wearing all the traditional gold jewellery designs along with her Paithani or Peshwai saree, she looks stunningly beautiful just like a nymph of heaven.

Let us dig more about the Maharashtrian jewellery designs, their names, and what makes them unique from other jewellery designs around the world.

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  1. Thushi: A beautifully craved gold necklace is staple jewelry worn by every bride on her special day. The necklace is carved with small gold beads woven together with a pendant in the middle.
  2. Chinchpeti: It is a gold necklace set handcrafted in Kolhapur by embedding some stunningly looking pink stones and moti which makes it look unique from others. This choker-styled necklace set is available with an adjustable thread at the back so that can be worn by anyone easily.
  3. Nath: A unique design gold nose ring is adorned with pink and white colored moti to make it look different from others. It is also known as the “Peshwai nose ring” and is made in a half moon shape to give a unique design to it. It is available in various designs and colors but holds a special place in every Marathi bride’s jewelry box. It is important to wear this nose ring on every special occasion including marriage.
  4. Kolhapuri Saaj: It is traditional Maharashtrian jewellery whose every single piece has some important purpose to serve. It is made of 21 leaves in which 10 leaves are designed as the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu, the other 8 pendants are the symbol of happiness and prosperity “ashtamangal”, 2 pendants are adorned with ruby and emerald, and the last one is the Tavis.
  5. Vaaki: It is a beautiful armband adorned with beautiful stones, and floral motifs crafted on a 23-carat gold wire.  Every Maharashtrian bride must wear a uniquely-designed Vaaki on her special day to complete her look as s bride.
  6. Ambada: It is a hair bun pin specially made to give a unique look to a Marathi bride. The bun pin is made of gold and adorned with pearls and gemstones to give a stunning look to the bun.
  7. Tode: It is handcrafted bangles made of 23-carat gold with extreme precision. As they are handcrafted, the order of these bangles needs to be given a month before they are required as it takes time to craft them finely.
  8. Chooda: If you are in touch with any Maharashtrian bride, you must have seen a beautiful set of green bangles in their hand after marriage. It is the chooda which is a set of green-colored glass bangles mixed with some gold bangles to give it a beautiful look. The color green is the symbol of fertility and prosperity and hence it is worn by every bride and every after it on every special occasion in odd numbers.

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