How is Organic Coconut Oil a ‘Miracle’ Pet Medicine?

A number of NZ’s pet parents are too scared to try using alternative treatments that are said to be rich in medicinal value. People can ignore the simple remedies that are readily available and buy vet-prescribed Western medicines instead to fix minor health complaints.

Perhaps your pet’s mild illness or injury could be remedied with a more natural solution? Ask your vet so you are confident they approve before using any home remedies on your pet. Always do the best thing for your pet when it comes to their health and happiness.

After all, cost shouldn’t be a concern. If you have best pet insurance you can claim back much of the cost of medical treatments, which helps you get the best medical care to ensure they recover soon.

There are multiple providers of dog insurance in NZ online. Irrespective of the dog breed, every pet needs quality medical assistance when injured, sick or suffering from a critical illness. So, purchase a policy in the best interests of your pet’s health and achieve peace of mind.

Now, onto natural remedies for the not so severe issues… We illustrate the magnificent uses of organic coconut oil to cure your dog of some general wellness troubles.


Coconut oil is smooth on your baby dog’s skin. Applying a layer on the skin helps your pet retain optimal water content and prevents dehydration.

Also, it could be a great natural skin moisturizer so your doggy doesn’t have to scratch now and then during the dry heat of summer days. If your doggy doo has developed a mild skin allergy, don’t forget to try tapping this oil on the spot.

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Antifungal agent

This oil can be highly beneficial in reducing fungal growth. It is said to show sufficient strength in fighting against fungal infections like XYZ.


Coconut oil can be useful to hinder bacterial infections. The topical application of this oil can be enough to get instant relief.


Buy coconut oil shampoos to help eliminate flea and ticks. Plus, getting rid of mites and lice can also be easy with this product. Your pets may even be free of these malicious parasites in less than 24 hours. This oil comforts your pet’s skin and helps heal the parasite bites rapidly.

Heals cuts and wounds

If you are looking for a quick and safe solution to heal the lesions on your pet’s body, then give coconut oil a try. It raises fibroblast proliferation that is necessary to enhance tissue repairs and elevates the natural growth of new blood vessels. Bear in mind, this often works for small abrasions or scrapes and not in cases of deep wounds.


This oil soothes symptoms associated with dermatitides like swellings, sores, or skin redness due to an external allergen. The natural fats and lauric acid in coconut oil aids in soothing skin irritation.
Apply it in small areas or mix it with a shampoo.

Paw balm

Your dog’s paw pads are highly delicate. They may suffer from burns, tears, or cuts occasionally due to high outdoor activity with no protection for their feet. When you find your pet paws are brittle, dry, or cracked, apply coconut oil to help them become supple and durable.

As mentioned earlier, it is always important to consult with your vet first before applying any natural treatment. They can also provide additional or alternative meds that can cure your dog speedily – and that is the most important consideration.


Coconut oil can perform the same functions in dogs as in humans. However, to tackle a wide range of genetic and critical health conditions you would need top dog insurance NZ. Talk to your vet and buy pet insurance NZ to cover expenses involved in treating other illnesses and regular vet visits.

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