Have you heard the term IVR? How does it work? What is its application? These are some of the questions that may arise in mind. IVR or interactive voice recognition is a technical solution through which, some of the pre-recorded messages are used as a voice response system. IVR or Interactive Voice Recognition system are used in the call center to improve customer interaction and satisfaction. How does the application of AI revolutionize IVR? At present, we are utilizing AI-based technology to enhance the IVR service. STT or Speed-to- text l converts human speech to text, and TTS or Test-to-Speech converts text to human voice speech. NLP or natural language processing which helps us to process any takes/speech utilizing AI-based technology and dialogue flow is possible due to ai powered ivr interfaces.

There are benefits associated with utilizing AI-based technology in the Interactive Voice Recognition interface. Let us highlight them in an orderly manner so that you can understand them clearly.

  • Time saver: there is a limited number of agents in a Call Centre. So, for a customer to contact them is difficult as they might be busy with some other calls. With the application of, AI-based technology, a customer can get the answers to the common questions within a few moments, and there is no need for him to wait for an agent. It so happens that only a few genuine calls are needed attention, so the application of AI helps not only to reduce waiting time but also helps to improve the aggregate customer experience.
  • Helps to improve customer satisfaction: with the help of AI technology in the IVR interface, customers have more customized self-service options, as a result, there are only a few calls that are redirected to the agents in a call center, which also reduces the waiting time. Since most of the customer queries get solved through these self-service options, the overall customer service expectations increases in a call center. We all have heard about Alexa and Siri, the two most popular voice assistants of Amazon and Apple. These are the by-products of the AI-powered IVR interface and its operational success.
  • Saving operating costs: we understand that every organizational firm aims for, maximizing output with minimum input. A call center consists of employees, computers, and a telephone. A typical Call center aims to meet maximum customer expectations and to gain customer satisfaction. Due to a limited workspace, the employees that, can be hired are limited. In addition, since most of the call centers work for 24 hours the work, is done differently. It is because a human being needs rest and cannot work for 24 hours. But, if we apply AI-based technology with an IVR system then it can work 24 hours nonstop and the work done will be efficient. It is also said that AI-powered IVR platforms not only save 3/10th of the operating cost but also increase work efficiency.
  • Helps to improve the satisfaction of employees: the working culture of a firm determines the efficiency and operation of a business cycle. If the working culture is not improved then the efficiency of the outcome decreases. In most cases, the customers enquire similar questions, which adds to or increases the frustration of the employees working in a call center. So with the application of AI-based interactive voice recognition service, most of the queries are solved through the customized self-service options for the customers. Only, genuine queries or problems are redirected to the agents in the call center. It genuinely helps to improve the work culture of a call center and hints at improving its efficiency.
  • Helps to conduct a survey: human beings are multitasking. They can do the various task at once. But the efficiency goes down, so specialization is required to improve efficiency. The employee in a call center can only do the job that he specializes in. He is specialized in tackling customers and solving their queries. But, on the other hand, if he is told to conduct a survey based on his work experience, it will hamper his efficiency in doing the work. On the other hand, if an AI-based technology is applied to the IVR interface, it can not only solve the queries of the customers but also conduct a survey based on the queries with the same efficiency. This is the reason for utilizing AI technology in the IVR interface.
  • Acting as a navigator in a customer’s journey: We have learned the multi-tasking ability of an AI-based IVR system. Apart from providing solutions to basic queries, it can also conduct, different services. With the help of AI-based technology, a general idea about customers’ likings and preferences, can be highlighted, with ease. In addition, with the application of technology cal solutions such as dialogue flow, it can be utilized for brand promotion. It will help the customer to navigate effectively on his journey with convenience. It can help the company to analyze the marketing factors that can improve a company based on the recommendation that is derived from the customer’s data and constant information.
  • Helps to maintain consistency: these are the basic difference, between human beings and machines. Human beings cannot work constantly, they need a period of rest. The weakness called fatigue is absent in the case of machines as well as software. A person working in a call center needs to rest, sleep and eat. On the other hand, the software can work constantly without any interference. Application of AI base technology in IVR or Interactive Voice Recognition interface can help to maintain consistency in providing customer service, which cannot be applicable in the case of a human being.


It is said, that inserting an AI-based technology into an interactive voice recognition system has multiple benefits. From saving time, reducing operation costs, maintaining consistency, acting as a navigator in a customer journey, conducting a survey, and improving customer satisfaction. Infusing AI-based technology in an interactive voice revolution has revolutionized the system of IVR interface. An ai ivr helps a firm to understand the market sentiments and the likes and preferences of a customer. On the other hand, it helps a customer to get early simplified solutions.

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