Get to Know More About Concrete Hoist for Sale in Kenya

Technological advancement aims at work simplification to a higher level of degree. That is why; ambitious contractors will always include a concrete hoist within their construction project. If you are craving this equipment, then this write-up is a great deal to consider. It covers the benefits of using concrete hoists and basic tips to consider on purchase.

A concrete Hoist is a mechanical device used to lift/lower concrete mixer, slabs, or material in between the floors of a high-rise building.
A chain, wire, or fiber rope wrapped on a drum provides the lifting mechanism for the load. A lifting hook couples the hoist to the load while the power drive can be electric or via gasoline/diesel fuel.

Both types work on a similar principle, a motorized pulley lowers/raises the cable/rope to implement work. Below are the most likely benefits you are going to realize when using concrete hoists:

Work simplification

It takes a few seconds to lift hundreds of kilograms of concrete from one point to another. Otherwise, the same task will require a large workforce to complete with an extended time. High-speed hoists are ideal for large construction projects as they improve the time spent in work delivery.

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Besides their high purchase costs, the return back period is short with high benefits. Normally, concrete hoists will work hand-in-hand with concrete mixture. This means reduced human labor thus minimum wage expenses.

Further, there is less material wastage as the handling takes effect most efficiently. Concrete behaves differently to the mixing ratio of substances, it can either crack or dry easily resulting in losses. That is why a concrete hoist for sale in Kenya is vital for an economic approach for a given construction project.

Minimum maintenance costs

If you have the right hoist equipment, suitable for your intended task, servicing it is very affordable. It consists of few working elements that are easier to inspect and correct for fault. The following are the basic operational components of a construction hoist.

Electrical system – consists of limit switches, electrical cabinets, main control cable, resistance box, and a cage operation box. Most hoists use variable frequency for speed control.

Driving system – comprises of three driving units, frame, and board. It is pinned to the top of the suspended cage.

Cage – a welded steel structure, installed with safety hook and guide roller. It supports the driving system on its upper body and the concrete carrying unit.

Cable pulley unit – ensures high cable strength with significant power retention.

Cable guide rail – functions to keep the cable within the rail thus minimizing the twinning effect.

Wall tie components – connects the building and the guide rail unit for stability during operation.

Concrete carrying bucket – works as the end effector to house the concrete between different points. It connects to the cage through pin rolls.

Protection fence and underframe – provides the overall support to the vertical concrete weight. It bolts to the foundation/floor and guide rail unit mounted on it.

Improved work safety

A reduction in human labor involved in concrete transportation means minimized level of risk exposure. Thus, eliminated workmen’s compensation costs and elevated wellbeing at the workplace.

Purchase checkpoints

When settling for the best concrete hoist price in Kenya, it is only ideal when the following conditions are in place; availability of safety features, optimum duty cycle, adaptable work environment, reachable power source, workable lift height, right calibrated lifting speed, and a favorable weight load. These conditions, when misinterpreted, will lead to incompetent hoist operation.


Construction projects are widely taking effect worldwide thus narrowing down to competence. You only need to incorporate the right concrete hoist equipment for promising work completion and an exceptional project approach. Source

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