Frequently Asked Questions About ED

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition among men where they are unable to achieve and/or maintain an erection for long enough to participate in sexual intercourse. Considering the nature of the condition, this topic is not commonly discussed among men while the rates of this condition being diagnosed are rising.

Therefore, to answer your top questions about ED, read the following Pharmica article.

1. What are the causes of ED?

A majority of men will experience some form of ED at least once in their lives but the primary cause of that occurrence depends on multiple factors and causes. These can be divided into two key categories – physical and psychological causes.

The physical causes usually include issues with the blood flow where poor blood pressure or blood circulation affects the blood flow into the intended destinations. This is usually caused by heart or heart-related issues like heart diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and being overweight.

On the other hand, psychological causes are usually related to anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and other performance-related concerns that would affect the ability to focus on the moment and distraction from the pressure.

However, a significant proportion of ED cases are also known as ‘secondary’ which is when ED has been normal, but then becomes a problem at a later stage in life.

2. Can ED be treated?

However, it’s not all bad news – the ED condition is highly treatable with multiple clinically proven, effective and safe erectile dysfunction treatments. Furthermore, the amount of research, as well as the number of professionals specialised in this topic, is rising, providing much-needed expertise and advice if needed.

When it comes to treatments, the most common ones are

  • Sildenafil (aka Viagra)
  • Tadalafil (aka Cialis)
  • Vardenafil (aka Levitra, Staxyn)
  • Avanafil (Spedra)

3. Can ED Cure by Itself?

Some ED cases can be resolved by themselves without any treatment involved. However, one of the best ways to treat ED without needing medications or medical involvement is implementing lifestyle adjustments such as maintaining a healthy diet, sticking to a varied and balanced diet as well as reducing bad habits like smoking and drinking.

Implementing these changes might take a while but are definitely worth it in the long run in addition to potentially curing ED.

4. Is ED Genetic?

Generally, ED conditions are not caused by genetics but some of the key contributing factors do affect the risk of ED.

For example, heart-related issues like blood flow and blood pressure can be passed on genetically and affect the ability to achieve an erection, directly contributing to ED.

5. What is the link between ED and Consumption of Alcohol and Tobacco

Tobacco and ED:

The clinical studies showed that excessive consumption of tobacco increases the risk of ED condition occurring due to the deterioration of blood flow and its impact on heart health and blood vessels.

Alcohol and ED

Research conducted on this topic also showed that about ⅔ of men that excessively consume alcohol experience sexual problems like ED. Similarly to tobacco, alcohol affects your blood flow while also amplifying the psychological factors that negatively affect your ability to perform in bed.

6. Can ED be purely psychological?

The majority of ED cases arise from physical factors like heart diseases and blood circulations. However, if the reasons are purely psychological, the key contributing factors are dress and depression which affect the pleasure perceived from the intercourse as well as libido and desire to participate.

To tackle this, having a conversation with your partner and/or a professional can help with identifying the related triggers and potentially overcome them in the long run.

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